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Mittuniversitetet (Mid Sweden University)

Study Options:

Natural Science, Education, Humanities, Tourism Studies, Chemistry and Process Technology, Information Technology/Computer Science, Business and Public Administration, Media and Communication, Health Sciences, Psychology, Social Sciences

Session Dates:

Semester 1 (autumn) early September - mid January
Semester 2 (spring) mid January to early June


All student accommodation at Mid Sweden University is of a high standard. Students are offered a choice of either a furnished single room or small (shared) flat for around SEK 2300 per month. Where possible, international students share accommodation with Swedish students. Some rooms have their own bathroom and small kitchen. In other cases, students share a common bathroom, kitchen, and living room. Most rooms consist of a bed and mattress, chest of drawers, desk, lamps, chair and bookshelf. Rent is paid monthly in advance and students may be required to pay an additional security deposit. Students are also required to provide their own linen, pillows, duvet, rugs, shower curtain and window treatments.

Approximate expenses:

  • Approx SEK 10 130 per month
  • Accommodation SEK 2400 per month
  • Student union/books/insurance SEK 1000 per month
  • Meals SEK 2000 per month
  • Housing deposit SEK 3000 per month
  • Miscellaneous expenses SEK 1730 per month

Exchange Student support services:

‘Fellow Students’ offer assistance to international students for the duration of their stay at Mid Sweden University. These students are responsible transferring new arrivals from the bus or train to their accommodation and supporting them through their first few weeks of university. Trips and excursions, such as skiing and visits to Finland or Norway are also organised by the Fellow Student Program. The orientation session held on the first day of the semester informs exchange students on all matters relating to the university and Swedish life and for those interested, they can attend an elementary Swedish course for the first ten weeks of the semester

Visa: Student Residence Permit:

All students form outside the European Union must apply for a visa at the Swedish Consulate in their home country before departure. In order to receive a Student Residence Permit, students must submit the following information with their application:

  • a valid passport
  • a letter of acceptance from Mid Sweden University
  • evidence certifying financial means to cover living costs during their stay can be met
  • a social insurance certificate (E128) or an insurance covering illness and accidents

For more information regarding Residence Permits and studies in Sweden

Health Insurance:

Students are responsible for obtaining private health insurance covering illness and accidents before arriving in Sweden. Insurance certificates must be taken with you and are required to obtain a Student Residence Permit. Private health insurance companies in your own country can advise on the necessary requirements.

Facts in brief

About Mid Sweden University:

The university was established between 1993 and 1995 when a number of independent colleges merged to become Mid Sweden University (Mitthogskolan). The site of each college has become a campus with its own traditions and range of courses. Approximately 1000 staff and 13000 students are spread over the four campuses, three of which are open to exchange students (see below).

Harnosand - subjects available are biology, education, engineering, geography, history, and languages.

Sundsvall - subjects available are biology, business administration, chemistry, computer science, engineering, geography, health science, informatics, mathematics, media Studies, political science and sociology

Ostersund - subjects offered are business administration, economics, environmental studies, health Science, psychology, social care, social work, sociology, and tourism studies.


All the campuses are located in areas of great beauty. Harnosand and Sundsvall are situated on the coast and Ostersund is further inland on the situated on the shores lake Storsjön.
Härnösand (population 28000) is found in the county of Västernorrland. It is the oldest town in the area and was once an essential port for the shipment of timber. Picturesque wooden houses grouped around a small square form the centre of the town and it has been a source of learning for more than 150 years.

Sundsvall has 93,000 residents and proudly boasts the title of the largest town in the region. Sundsvall has been a significant industrial and commercial centre for more than 100 years due to its coastal location and close proximity to Sweden´s neighbours. It is situated in a coastal valley surrounded by steep hills and is split in two by the Selångersån River that runs through the heart of the city.
Ostersund is surrounded by splendid natural scenery. The breathtaking mountain nearby offers hiking possibilities all year, while in winter the area is a playground for those who enjoying all manner of winter sports. Östersund’s 60000 inhabitants are spoilt by a variety of shops offering all manner of services


The Climate in Sweden is relatively mild compared to that of its neighbours. An average winter temperature is minus 10°C while the average summer temperature is 20°C. Snow usually falls from November to March/ April. Mid Sweden University is located quite far north, which means that there are longer hours of daylight during summer and, during a couple of weeks it hardly gets dark at all. Average low and high temperature ranges (in degree Celsius):

  • January -14 to -6
  • April -2 to 7
  • July 9 to 20
  • October 1 to 8



Sweden is a country that proudly supports and celebrates its rich culture and heritage. A number of festivals are held throughout the year and the regions art galleries, museums, theatres and performing art groups captivate and delight visitors.

Student’s interests in the arts can be enriched through the many interest groups at Mid Sweden University. These interest groups are facilitated by the Student Union, which can be found at each campus, their role is to support students not only academically but socially as well, organising activities and for all interests and tastes.


As all the campus cities are located in areas of stunning natural beauty it is easy to access outdoor recreational activities. Both the coastal towns of Harnosand and Sundsvall provide opportunities for all manner of water sports, even in winter when the sea freezes over people can be found skating on its surface! Down hill skiing is a winter passion for all Swedes and all three campus cities are located near ski slopes. While cycling, hiking, sailing and fishing are popular in summer.

The Student Union provides a number of leisure activities and students are invited to use the sports centre, swimming pool, ski-slope, cross-country tracks and number of sports clubs found in each campus town. The area around Mid Sweden University also provides opportunities to enjoy the natural environment in summer with signed hiking trails.

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