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Orebro University

Study Options:

Social sciences, economics, business, statistics, humanities, Swedish language, music, restaurant & culinary arts, law, psychology, comparative cultural studies, education, caring sciences, nursing, sports medicine, genetics, natural sciences, physics, biology, mathematics, engineering

Session Dates:

  • Autumn: August – mid January
  • Spring: mid January – end June


There are three student accommodation areas for exchange students in Örebro. Two of the areas offer corridor-style living and the third area, apartment-style living.

Corridor-style living

There are eight student rooms in each corridor, all located within walking distance from the university. Students share the kitchen and living room facilities and most of the corridors have shared irons and ironing boards. All rooms are equipped with free Internet connection, a private bathroom and toilet and are furnished with the following basics: bed and mattress, bedside table, desk, chair, armchair, bookshelves, wardrobe and lamps. Students must supply their own bed-linen towels and clothes hangers. Electricity, heating and water are included in the rent. There is also a laundry room in every block containing washing machines, drying rooms, tumble dryers and mangles. Rents, as of January 2004 were 1,980 SEK per month for a room in Studentgatan and 1,974 SEK in Tybblegatan.

Apartment-style living

Almost all exchange students are accommodated in three-room flats in Brickebacken. Students may share the flat with Swedish or other exchange students. Brickebacken is about two kilometres from campus, where students live alongside Swedish families. Each student has an individual room, with a share kitchen, bathroom and toilet and internet access and there are laundry rooms in the apartment block containing washing machines, drying rooms, tumble dryers and mangles. The rooms contain the following furniture: bed and mattress, bedside table, desk, chair, armchair, bookshelves, wardrobe and lamps, but students must provide their own bed linen, towels and clothes hangers Electricity, heating and water are included in the rent. There is an outdoor recreation area nearby, with trails for walking and cycling. The local shopping centre also has a recreation centre with indoor pools, a food store, and general shops. You can walk, cycle or take the bus to the campus. Rents, as of January 2004 ranged from 1,327 SEK to 1,860 SEK per month

Approximate expenses (per semester): SEK26260

  • Housing; SEK10000room deposit plus rent
  • Meals and entertainment; SEK1200
  • Orientation fee (optional); SEK650
  • Student Union fee (mandatory); SEK 210
  • Text books; SEK4200
  • Miscellaneous and living expenses; SEK10000
  • Round trip airfare
  • Passport and visa fees

Exchange Student support services All new exchange students at Örebro University are invited to take part in an Orientation Program, which starts one week before the semester begins. The aim of this week long program is to introduce students to the university and its community. Students will be guided around the city of Örebro and surrounding area, offered useful and practical information invited to participate in social activities, such as the famous Swedish buffé - smörgåsbord, and an evening of disco bowling.

Exchange students at Örebro University also have the opportunity to participate in a number of social activities, events and trips, arranged by Internationella Fadderiet, which is a society run by Swedish students in close cooperation with the International Office. They also have the option to be assigned a Fadder, that is, a Swedish friend who will help them settle in. The members of Internationella Fadderiet are responsible for the 24-hour pick-up service during Arrival Weekend. They meet students at the airport or train station and transfer them to their room. Every semester Internationella Fadderiet arranges several trips both within Sweden, and to the neighbouring countries.


Students who plan to study in Sweden for a period of more that three months require a Residence permit which must be stamped into their passport before arrival in Sweden.
To be eligible for this permit students must agree to and have proof of the following;

  • Be undertaking full time study
  • Be participating in an organised exchange program
  • Agree to leave Sweden at the end of their course of study.
  • Provide a ‘letter of acceptance’ from their host university
  • Provide contact details of the liaison officer at their host university

For more information regarding Residence Permits and studies in Sweden view the following link: studies in Sweden.

Facts in brief

About Orebro University:

Örebro University is one of the most expansive universities in Sweden with well over 13,000 students. It offers more than 80 study programs and 800 single subject courses, covering 50 different subject areas. Programs are regularly updated to ensure that the university provides an education designed for modern requirements. Recent additions can be found in such areas as recreation, design, health and psychology. Nowadays, Örebro University has campuses all over the region, such as nearby Grythyttan, Kopparberg and Karlskoga.Location: The city of Örebro is situated in Sweden, about halfway between Stockholm and Göteborg. From the Örebro region, everything Scandinavia has to offer is easily within reach. Örebro has about 125, 000 inhabitants and is therefore Sweden's seventh largest city. The city of Örebro was settled close to a medieval castle and has grown around it. The castle called Slottet, is one of the central area's most spectacular sights to this day is the centre point of Örebro. It is also the residence of the County Governor and houses a museum, concert hall, conference centre, pub, restaurant and a tourist office. Visitors can stroll around the Botanical Garden, which is situated in The City Park and visit the little wooden village of Wadköping. In the city centre there are four shopping arcades and quite a number of shops catering for most demands. Not far from Örebro is the huge shopping centre Marieberg, with over 60 shops, IKEA and several other big stores all under the same roof.


During a few weeks of the Swedish Arctic summer, the sun never sets and for a similar period each winter never sets. The Swedish climate would be far more severe if it was not for the Gulf Stream, which warms a large portion of the North Atlantic. Average low and high temperature ranges (in degree Celsius):

  • January –1 to 5
  • April 1 to 8
  • July 13 to22
  • October 5 to 9



Orebro is a city thriving with history, art, music and theatre. Many of the city’s historical buildings – themselves places of great interest – house galleries, museums, and cultural activities. The County Theatre in Örebro, Länsteatern, puts on a variety of exciting productions in the city at the Örebro Teater and the village of Wadköping abounds with crafts, museums, exhibitions, a theatre, puppet shows and more. Orebro University has a book shop and several cafeterias and restaurants on campus. The School of Music arranges concerts and other performances during term-time.


Örebro is a pleasant city where any part of the town is only a few minutes bicycle ride away from campus. As the cost of renting bicycles is so low and the city is so accessible by bike, it is the most common way of getting around. In the surroundings of Örebro, there are abundant recreation facilities including both downhill and cross-country skiing. Kilsbergen is home to one of Europe's largest indoor swimming facilities and Gustavsvik has great mountain bike and running tracks. The lake Hjälmaren hosts small beaches and is ideal for boat trips and a popular attraction during warm season is the free fishing for rainbow trout in the river that runs through the centre of the city. The Örebro University Sports Club offers a broad range of activities and has a well-equipped gym. The Sports Club also arranges hiking trips, winter skating on Lake Hjälmaren, Alpine Skiing, canoeing and rock-climbing and much more.

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