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Enrolment Information

Number of Places

We have places for 72 children.
Sixteen (16) infants - 0-2 years of age.
Sixteen (16) children - 2-3 years of age.
Fourty  (40) children - 3-5 years of age.

The staff:child ratios are as follows:
1:4 for children 0-24 months of age
1:8 for children 24-35 months of age
1:10 for children 36-60 months of age

Enrolment using Smart Central

SmartCentral is an online facility connecting Parents & Guardians with their child care service -online and any time on any device.

An Orientation visit, including a tour of the Centre should be arranged before the date care is to commence. We recommend that parents bring their child for visits prior to commencing care to assist in the Orientation process. This enables your child to become familiar with their new environment and the staff and other children.

What do we need to bring to child care each day?

0-2 room - 1 Nappy (cloth or disposable) for your child to wear home at the end of the day, a drink (Any bottles, formula required or a drink bottle or cup for older babies), 2 complete changes of clothes. Outdoor wear eg. Sun hat for summer, beanie and coat for winter.

2-5 room - Nappy for home time, or if your child is toilet-training several pairs of undies, a complete change of clothes, drink bottle, a hat (sun hat for summer, beanie for winter) and a coat in winter. Gumboots are often popular in cold wet weather, and slippers can be worn whilst inside if you wish.

Clothing for child care

Please remember to dress your child in appropriate clothing for play (This means clothes that can get dirty). We suggest clothing should be easy to get on and off, particularly for children who are toilet-training. We encourage the children to be independent and some clothes such as overalls and jeans with buttons and a fly can be difficult for children to get on and off (especially if in a hurry).

Children are very active, especially outdoors, and we have found that thongs and scuff style shoes make it difficult for them to climb, run, jump etc. We ask that instead sandals or runners are worn.

Please remember to label ALL of your child's belongings, it helps to prevent items being lost or sent home with the wrong person!

Arrival and Collection of Children

It is a requirement under Children's Services Regulations that all children are signed in and out on a daily basis. The Sign In/Out sheets are also used to account for children during Emergency procedures. Please remember to sign your child/ren in on arrival and departure each day.

The daily exchange of relevant information about your child promotes continuity of care between home and our centre is communicated through our Earlyworks application; it assists staff to develop a relationship with you, the parent/carer, and your child. Please speak to a staff member about your child on arrival and departure.

If your child requires medication during the day please fill out a Medication form  as well as alerting staff of the need for Medication. When you collect your child that afternoon please remember to sign the form again to acknowledge that the medication was dispensed. If you are unsure of any part of this procedure please ask a staff member for assistance. Medication (Including Asthma puffers) MUST NOT be left in children's bags.

If someone other than parents or guardians is to collect your child, please inform the staff, as well as writing the information on the Sign In sheet. We require an 'Authority to Collect' form (either on the enrolment form or available from the administration office) to be signed by a parent/guardian before someone else can pick up your child. Please inform the person that we require some form of Picture Identification (eg Drivers Licence) to be shown to staff before they can leave the premises with the child.