yourCSU has been developed as a means of describing the complexity of the University. In short, this is the Who, What, Where, When, Why, & How of CSU.

Use yourCSU to understand impacts of change on people, processes and systems, to appreciate relationships between areas and things at CSU, to see what is important to us as an organisation and, ultimately, find out where you fit in and how you contribute.

yourCSU is an outcome of the feedback from the University at large through surveys and importantly the Climate Survey and the work of the Work Process Improvement (WPI) project. The University Forums (Middle Managers, Head of School, Course Co-ordinators, PEN, VCF and Professoriate) have been critical in assisting with this information collection.  yourCSU is one way we are improving communication and information about CSU to assist in the decision making and participative processes of the University.   It is intended for the whole University to use, and it will serve as an induction resource and an aid in project management and change management.

These resources are only some of the material developed by the WPI project and Enterprise Architecture initiatives.   If you would like more information about WPI and the projects it has spawned, please contact us.  We can organise informal or formal presentations on the project and its resources, and how you and/or your staff can best leverage these efforts.

We welcome your feedback on this initiative