When - Some of the important Events and Lifecycles for CSU

The Student Lifecycle

The Student Lifecycle - Prospect, Admit, Enrol/Re-enrol, Study and Assignments, Exams, Graduate, Alumni

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The Employee Lifecycle

The Employee Lifecycle - Attract, Recruit, Induct, Develop, Support, Exit

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The Teaching Lifecycle

The Yearly Teaching Lifecycle

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The Planning Lifecycle

Month Activity
  • Operational plans and risk registers finalised by end March
  • Review of institutional performance against Course Plan
  • Performance Management plans finalised for academic staff
  • Operational plans published
  • Performance Management plans finalised for general staff
  • Vice-Chancellor’s Forum
  • Review of institutional performance against Learning and Teaching Plan
  • DEEWR provide guidelines for Institution Assessment Framework (IAF)
  • Commence submissions for IAF to complete by end June
  • Review of physical and information infrastructure requirements for following two years
  • Research publications database closes
  • Indigenous Education Statement submitted to DEEWR
  • Vice-Chancellor’s Forum
  • Final approval for new and revised courses and new subjects for first half year
  • Review of institutional performance against the Research Plan
  • Guidelines for next year Faculty, School and Divisional Operational plans and risk registers distributed
  • Intended process for following year budget advised to senior staff
  • Research and publication data submitted to DEEWR along with
    • Strategic Planning Documentation
    • Capital Asset Management Plan
    • Equity Report
    • Student Load Tables
  • DEEWR invite Capital Development Pool bids
  • Budget progress report
  • Research Office announce performance funding based on research and publications
  • Initial and preliminary top level budget allocations for following year determined by the SEC
  • DEEWR submission date for all new courses and subjects
  • DEEWR submissions for Capital Development Pool due
  • Reporting to DEEWR on HEWRRS
  • Review of institutional performance against Institutional Development Plan
  • DEEWR IAF portfolio provided to institutions
  • Vice-Chancellor’s Forum
  • Review of development and progress against University and Enabling plans
  • Review of following year budget allocations
  • Final draft of following year budget prepared
  • Following year budget provided to Faculties and Divisions Budget printed
  • DEEWR funding agreement signoff
  • Planning meetings for following year operational plans and risk registers
  • Following year budget presented to Council
  • Deans notify Schools of following year budgets

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