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Committee Terms of Reference can be found here:
Academic Senate and Related: manual/bcontm.htm
University Council and Related: gov.htm.

Committee Descriptions

University Council
Governing body of the University with a membership of 18. Responsible, under law, for ensuring that the University manages its resources to fulfil the objectives as set out in the Act.

Executive Committee
Act for and on behalf of the Council on matters relating to the control and management of CSU affairs where the matter requires urgent approval or cannot be deferred until the next meeting of Council

Audit and Risk Committee
Oversee risk assessment and the internal control systems in place within CSU as well as the processes necessary to support a compliance framework; review reports on compliance; consult with the external auditor about the nature of statutory audit; and review the annual financial statements of the University.

Resource & Investment Committee
Monitors the financial performance of the University and approves monthly financial statements; oversees the Capital Management Plan and Information Technology Management Plan; oversees and approves University investment activities and policies, and the commercial activities of the University

Investment Management Committee (IMC)
Approves investment decisions on behalf of Council, including appointment of Investment managers.

Corporate Governance and Nominations Committee
Considers and recommends Council nominees for honorary awards. Reviews and makes recommendations on executive remuneration plans and supporting policies

Academic Senate - Principal University Academic Body ('The Senate')
Provides advice and policy on all academic matters relating to teaching, research and scholarship. The Senate meets five times each year and is assisted in its work by eight committees as well as a Standing Committee to act on urgent matters

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Research Committee (RC)
The Research Committee is the principal advisory body to the Academic Senate in relation to the University's research and research training profile and performance.

Curriculum, Learning and Teaching Committee (L&TC)
The Curriculum, Learning and Teaching Committee of Academic Senate monitors curriculum and learning and teaching policies and advises Academic Senate on their development.

Academic Appeals Committee (AAC)
Responsible for deciding on appeals against exclusion from research higher degree candidates

Academic Senate Audit Committee (ASAC)
The role of the Academic Senate Audit Committee is to audit the practices and operation of the Academic Senate in conducting its business as the principal academic body of the University. Such audits are conducted on a five yearly basis.

Indigenous Education Committee (IEC)
A mechanism to provide advice to the Vice-Chancellor on matters relating to Indigenous higher education

University Medals Committee (UMC)
The University Medals Committee decides the recipients of the University medals each year from the nominations received from the Faculties.

Faculty Boards
Faculty Boards, as Committees of Academic Senate, provide advice on course related matters and on academic policies. Faculty Boards may approve additional Faculty specific academic policies which complement University policy. Faculty Boards are responsible for approval of subject proposals and their modifications.

Senior Executive Committee (SEC)
Is the University Planning and Budget committee in addition to its brief of advising the Vice-Chancellor on:

In addition is responsible for the integration of the four University Plans

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University Course Planning Committee (UCPC)
Determines the course profile of the University and provides advice on the development of external partnerships in support of the course profile

Research Development Committee (RDC)
Responsible for developing and monitoring the University's Research Plan and for providing advice on enhancing the University's research performance to meet targets

Website Management Committee (WMC)
Provide advice on matters relating to the CSU website

Institutional Development Committee (IDC)
Monitors and oversees the implementation, refinement and maintenance of the Institutional Development Plan, advises on resource implications, coordinates business processes to support strategic objectives and the development and implementation of a change and renewal framework

Information and Learning Systems Committee (ILSC)
Provides advice on academic information and learning systems that support the teaching and learning programs of CSU

Vice-Chancellor's Forum (VCF)
A mechanism to provide advice to the Vice Chancellor, contribute to the achievement of a "One University" philosophy, and foster leadership development for senior management

Equal Employment Opportunity and Affirmative Action (EE&AA)
Provide recommendations on Equal Employment Opportunity & Affirmative Action policy and responsible for the development and implementation of initiatives/programs within CSU

University Safety and Health Management Committee (USHMC)
Coordinates environmental safety and management matters across the University

Compliance Committees
Required under separate legislation. Terms of reference can be found here - Policy Library

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