CSU Interact

Entering Interact

CSU Interact is the online scholarly environment for the University, where students and staff meet to build community, share knowledge, work and learn together in a 'virtual' or online space.

All the essential learning content and learning tools you need for your subjects are found within CSU Interact. This means that each subject you're enrolled in has its own subject site within the Interact online learning environment.

Entering an Interact subject site

From the the my.csu desktop, locate the CSU Interact Subject Sites box.

The subjects you are enrolled in appear in a list. Simply click the subject code for the subject site you wish to enter.

Alternateively, the URL address of CSU Interact is interact.csu.edu.au

Interact sites are situated behind the University's secure online environment, which means that only the people who are authorised to do so can see or participate in a particular site. Any time you want to leave the Interact online environment, click the red logout button.