Dentistry Implementation at CSU

Work has already commenced on the construction of Charles Sturt University's new $65.1 million School of Dentistry and Health Sciences since the Federal Government announced funding for the School in the 2007/8 Budget on 8 May 2007.

The new School was established this year in readiness for the 2009 opening of pre-clinical and clinical facilities in Orange (dentistry) and Wagga Wagga (oral health) and dental education clinics in Albury-Wodonga, Bathurst and Dubbo the following year.

This website has been updated to complement the website of the new broad-based School of Dentistry and Health Sciences. The Dentistry Implementation site is designed to provide:

The School of Dentistry and Health Sciences (SDHS) website will be more useful to existing staff and students of the School or enquiries relating to course entry and staff research across all its discipline areas.

Dentistry at CSU Wagga Wagga site

Why is CSU interested in the education of Dentists, Dental Therapists and Dental Hygienists?

Charles Sturt University has a strong tradition of education across almost all of the health professions. This stems from its location within a number of major communities across New South Wales and its central position as Australia's leading inland University. The University provides graduates who service these communities as well as extending their clinical expertise nationally and internationally. Our health students receive not only a curriculum that meets standard accreditation requirements for practice in any health and medical environment, but also additional instruction on how to meet the needs of rural and remote communities in Australia and elsewhere.

It is against this background that the University seeks to address issues of recruitment, retention, professional development, service delivery and quality of practice within the dental and oral health professions.

Australian Government Department of Health and Ageing

The accreditation process for both the dentistry and the oral health courses is ongoing throughout the formative years of the program.

It commenced in March this year with the submission of the Stage I documentation outlining all of the detailed aspects of curriculum, student and staff support, infrastructure plans and resourcing processes.

The Stage II submission will follow along with an opportunity for accreditation teams to visit the campuses of the University and see first-hand how the Governments funding is being focused on meeting the needs of education and thence recruitment of dentists and provision of dental services to our communities.