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International FYE Conference
3-6 July 2012, Brisbane

Welcome to the Transition project

The Transition project is an exciting University initiative that aims to increase participation opportunities for our very diverse student cohorts and ensure that our students are successful and autonomous adult learners by the start of their second year of study.

The project will be underpinned by a ‘One University’ approach and will support the broader aims of increasing student participation, success and engagement and relevant aspects of the next University Plan.

At this stage the project is focusing on nine specific deliverables described in this site. However, the Steering Committee and project also provides advice and direction on all aspects of the student experience involving student transition issues.

There are many opportunities for you to become involved in this project, whether it be directly participating in a working party, forum or group working on a specific deliverable, or taking advantage of the resources and information that become available through the project. If you have any questions regarding the Transition project, please contact your representative on the Steering Committee or contact me directly.

Together we can make a difference to the student experience.

Liz Smith
Director, Transition