The Wiradjuri phrase yindyamarra winhanganha means the wisdom of respectfully knowing how to live well in a world worth living in.

This phrase represents who we are at CSU - our ethos. It comes from traditional Indigenous Australian knowledge but it also speaks to the mission of a university – to develop and spread wisdom to make the world a better place.

Our university narrative expands on this by confirming "we are a university of the land and people of our regions and we aim to develop holistic, far-sighted people who help their communities grow and flourish".

Our Values

Charles Sturt University has a proud history and we are very fortunate to have an outstanding group of diverse, passionate and engaged people working with us.

Each person's experience of CSU will be the sum of the ways in which we all behave – as co-workers, as professionals and as the "faces" of our university.

As a values driven organisation, we all therefore have an important role to play in bringing our values to life and making them part of our daily lives. Underpinning our ethos, our four values are:

  • Insightful;
  • Inclusive;
  • Impactful; and
  • Inspiring.

These values aim to guide our behaviour and way of working to help us achieve our ethos of respectfully knowing how to live well in a world worth living in.


In living the value of Insightful we act respectfully and perceptively to seek to understand why people think and behave in the ways that they do. Digging deep to understand the 'why' in addition to the 'what', we shift beyond taking words or actions at face value.

Through an open-minded approach we reveal people’s underlying attitudes, beliefs and motivations. An insightful approach means we remove ambiguity, we are each clear and agreed about our goals and actions, and we better position ourselves for success.


Involving others – being welcoming and accessible – enables us to be a stronger collective force. As a university, we aim to be easy, warm and welcoming. We want our students and our peers to know they are important to us. Education and research benefits everyone in our community and our University is stronger when we work together.

In behaving inclusively we work collaboratively to develop and deliver solutions – we value new perspectives. An inclusive approach influences the way we all relate to each other and helps us all achieve our full potential collectively.


Focusing on outcomes and behaving in a consistent and constructive manner enhances our impact on those around us. As a community of impactful professionals we are each thinking about how to best direct our efforts to secure results for our students and our communities.

We have an accurate awareness of our own selves and of the situation around us and we value the individual roles of those around us in supporting our students and communities. We take learnings from each of our experiences and have the gumption and tenacity to find a way past difficulties and obstructions.


Creative in our thinking, yet rigorous in our approach, we drive and lead change and evolution. Through living the value of “inspiring” we engage and motivate our students and communities to also proactively build innovation and capacity into their lives, careers and industries.

We challenge those around us to leave their comfort zones and support and foster their growth and evolution. We are champions of change with compelling visions and we engage those around us in shaping the journey. Living this important value creates engagement and commitment from those around us.

Celebrate the CSU values

Do you know a CSU staff member who exemplifies one, or all, of the CSU values?

It could be someone sitting right next to you. It might be a colleague on another campus, or someone who you connect with regularly at work. It’s even possible you haven’t met the person yet, but you’ve heard so much about them.

Let’s celebrate the people who make CSU great and are living our values day in and day out. How do they bring our values to life?

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