Personal Publishing

Students? Your personal Publishing Information is here:



Staff and students of the University are able to publish their own personal homepage to accommodate materials that are strictly personal and which are not subject to the University’s quality assurances procedures and practices.

While personal homepages reside on CSU servers, they do not form part of the official CSU web site and the procedures required to obtain and publish to a personal site are different from those for official pages.

By publishing personal pages to a CSU web server you are subject to the following conditions:

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Getting Started

An account must be created before you can publish to the CSUSAP web server. 
You will need to enter your username as "CSUMAIN\username", when accessing the link offsite.

The link to this form is also available from the IT Services quicklinks in my.CSU.

You will be notified by email when your access has been activated.

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Software for Writing and Editing Web Pages

You can use any web authoring software to create and edit web pages, some are easier to use and more powerful than others.  Web authoring software is also referred to as HTML editing software and two commonly used programs are Adobe Dreamweaver and Microsoft Front Page.

Staff may purchase Dreamweaver from the CSU Computer Shop. 

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How To Publish Using WinSCP

If you are not using a web page editor that has built in file transfer tools (FTP) you can use WinSCP to upload your pages and files to the CSU web server (CSUSAP).

If you are using another file transfer program you will need to refer to the help documentation provided with that software.

Once you have transferred your files to the server, check the site to ensure your changes have been successfully made (Press the "Refresh" button to reload the page in your browser).

Administrative Support and Documentation


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