CSU Web Design Process

The development of websites for the CSU public web server requires the site be subject to the specifications of the CSU Web Policy and CSU Style Guide.

Step-by-Step Web Design Process

Getting Started

Website development will only begin on the provision of the finalised content. Finalised content includes all text content and files needed for the creation of the website. Late provision of finalised content will extend the “Go Live” date. Contact should also be made with the Division of Marketing in regards to any advertising needs required. For example campaign buttons on the CSU Homepage need prior arrangements with Marketing.


Log an IT Service Desk request on the Division of IT website.

The appropriate person will contact you this may take up to 3-5 working days depending on the groups current work loads.

An initial meeting will be arranged to discuss the scope of the website and navigation structure.

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The location of your website is discussed and decided on. Most addresses will be created dependent on the sites relation to the particular area. For example the area the client is from in the University.

Marketing promotional sites with a limited life span are usually located under the /student/ directory. Special needs addresses, such as top level directories are restricted and can only be approved through submitting a request to the Website Management Committee. Only sites with the Committees approval will be granted these addresses. For example – http://www.csu.edu.au/mynewsite/

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Graphic and Layout Design

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Finalised content needs to be resolved before work commences on the website. It should be:

Content is converted to html, formatted and added to the site structure. A style sheet will be implemented to format all of your content consistently. Style sheets (.css files) should only be edited by the DIT Web Development Team. Requests for additional styles to be added to style sheets can be made through the IT Service Desk.

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Validation and Accessibility

The site is checked against CSU Web Accessibility policy and tested for browser compatibility. To ensure the delivery of a high quality web site the following tests are conducted –

The site is tested for accessibility issues. For example the site may be tested in a text to speech browser or via key board only access. Any inconsistencies are rectified. This ensures that the site can be accessed by those with special needs.

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Proofing and Link-Ups

The web site address on the development server (wwwdevel.csu.edu.au or cms.csu.edu.au) is emailed to the you for final proofing. Any small final changes are made.

Discussions are had about other locations on the CSU website which would be appropriate to have a link to the client’s new website. These are noted and implemented on the “Go Live” date.

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Go Live and Handover

If the scope of the website has changed and further development is required after you have given final approval to go live an additional request will have to be placed with the IT Service Desk.  Once you approve the website it is put live on the CSU public web server and any additional links implemented.

Any major changes will need to come back to the Web Design and Development area for approval. An assessment can then be made of the work required and allocated to the Page Curator if appropriate.

The Page Curator cannot edit the site until the appropriate induction and training has been completed. Once it has been completed you will be granted access to publish to the public web server.

Complete and submit the request for training and access form.

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Site Life & Review

Please ensure that you check and review your website regularly, and update content at the very least once a year.

Development of graphical changes, online forms and other routine maintenance can be completed by The Web Design and Development Team if required and can be instigated by logging a call with the IT Service Desk.

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