Competition Winners

Competition Winners

  • Major Prize Winners

    Student Competition Winner

    $1000 pre paid Visa card

    Marlee Hopkins

    Marlee Hopkins

    Books are essential to any degree, what have you got from the CSU Library of late? (Photo of you with your latest library resources)

    Day 2: If I was to pile up all the books I've borrowed over the past 3 years it would most likely tower over me! thank you to my friends who contributed their current borrowed library books to the cause #CSU25

    Alumni Competition Winner

    $1000 travel voucher

  • Virtual 25th Birthday Prize Winners

    Virtual 25th Birthday Party Winner

    $300 pre paid Visa card

    Ryan Dick
    Day 25: I celebrated CSU's 25th birthday with Sarah, Matt, and Luke at the adventure playground. Because let's face it, CSU is made for those who are adventurous!!! Happy birthday CSU! #CSU25

    Virtual 25th Birthday Party Runners-Up

    $50 pre paid Visa card

    Martin Brooks

    Celebrating CSU's 25 year in style #CSU25 #giveus25dollars #cake #procrastination #yummy #whatarethechances #patlost #herestocsu

    Emily Bates

    HB CSU! Celebrating by distance while completing the final assignment for my degree. Woo! #csu25 #distanceed

    Marlee Hopkins

    Happy 25th birthday CSU!! celebrating with cupcakes, fruit pizza, balloons and party hats! #CSU25

  • Alumni Daily Prize Winners

    $25 gift card for best pic

  • Student Daily Prize Winners

    $25 gift card for best pic