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About Community-University Partnerships (CUP)

Charles Sturt University's mission is to advance higher education opportunity and research that meets the particular needs and aspirations of the people of regional Australia.

Universities play an important role in helping individuals and businesses to prosper through the development of new knowledge and skills, and fostering innovation.

Another important dimension of the role of universities is working together with communities to promote regional development and to deliver mutually beneficial outcomes.

Charles Sturt University works closely with our local communities and industries through the provision of a broad range of services from health clinics to research consultancies, and by working together on projects that deliver mutual benefits to our communities and the University.

The Community-University Partnerships (CUP) program aims to advance our mission by cultivating strong, relevant and collaborative partnerships with local communities, industry, government and employers.

This Portal has been designed as a 'one-stop-shop' for the community, government and business to access information about our campuses, services and other opportunities.

It is another way in which your University works to support the development of our communities, local businesses and regions.

Peter Fraser
Director, Government and Community Relations