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Research and Consultancy Services

National Wine and Grape Industry Centre

The Centre is a joint venture between Charles Sturt University, the NSW Department of Primary Industries and NSW Wine Industry Association. The Centre brings together experts in Wine Science and Viticulture with fully equipped facilities on the CSU Wagga Wagga campus.

Graham Centre for Agricultural Innovation

The Centre is a research alliance between Charles Sturt University and the NSW Department of Primary Industries. The Centre's research aims to increase the profitability of the grain and livestock industries, whilst reducing the risks of natural resource degradation and supporting a sustainable economic future for agriculture on regional, national and international levels. Through multi-disciplinary and integrated research in key areas, the Centre creates knowledge and capacity to deliver farming systems for the future. Key research objectives include: increasing productivity gains, improving food quality (nutritional and health attributes) and strengthening research capacity by training the next generation, building strong industry links and growing infrastructure. The Centre provides an efficient research development and extension science hub to partner with industry organisations and funding agencies.

Institute of Land Water and Society

The Institute is a specialist research centre in integrated research on social and environmental sustainability.  It conducts and research and consultancies in the fields of biodiversity, climate adaptation, energy use, natural resource management, sustainable water use in regional areas, regional development, rural social issues, Indigenous business and cultural heritage.

School of Indigenous Australian Studies

The Centre develops research and consultancy projects with local communities, institutions, services and agencies in the field of Indigenous education, research and community engagement.