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Employer Information

As the Australian Higher Education Graduation Statements are issued to all new graduates from Australian universities, prospective employers and other higher education institutions will begin to encounter them through their application and recruitment processes. The Statement will describe a graduate¿¿¿s higher education qualification in an easily understandable way and allow anyone who has an interest in such information to compare graduates from any university in Australia.

AHEGS have the potential to make Australian awards better understood internationally, enhancing the international mobility of Australian graduates and Australia's competitiveness in the international higher education market.

Benefits for Employers

In the past, employers, recruiting agencies and professional associations only had access to a graduate's testamur or academic record which provided limited academic details and the information contained therein often varied widely across universities.

The AHEGS will make a graduate's academic qualifications more transparent by providing descriptions of the nature, level, context and status of the studies that have been pursued and completed by the graduate, as well as information about the education system to which the qualification belongs.

For the first time, additional information relevant to potential employment will be specifically provided - information such as workplace learning and competencies, study abroad and overseas (and local) professional practice or training periods, work-based skills, team skills, business acumen, course related achievements, recognition and prizes, professional accreditation of courses and the right to practice in the case of government regulated professions.

Furthermore, information will be presented in a uniform pattern across all Australian universities in order to facilitate comparability of applicants for employment, professional accreditation or higher education pursuits.