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Frequently Asked Questions

What information will be included on the AHEGS?

  • There are five sections that make up the AHEGS, see the AHEGS Sample.

When is the AHEGS awarded?

  • Students who graduate from 2011 and onwards will receive an AHEGS which includes a course transcript and university testamur.
  • Graduates will receive their AHEGS with their testamur at his/her graduation ceremony.  For those graduating in absentia, the AHEGS will be posted with the other graduation documents shortly after the graduation ceremony has been held.
  • The AHEGS will not be issued prior to graduation.

How is the AHEGS different to the transcript?

  • The academic transcript, which contains a progressive academic history, is available at any time during a student's enrolment.  The AHEGS is available only upon graduation.
    In addition to academic results, the AHEGS Graduation Statement includes details on the award itself, the awarding institution, a description of the Australian higher education system and where applicable, Deans Awards, University Medal and international experience attained by the graduate during his/her studies.

    AHEGS sample (pdf 900kb)

Will I still receive a testamur at graduation?

  • Yes. Graduating students will receive a testamur together with an AHEGS.

Can I get an AHEGS for a previously completed award?

  • No.  Students who have graduated from CSU prior to 2011 are not eligible for an AHEGS.

Will I be charged for an AHEGS?

  • An AHEGS is issued to graduates free of charge at the time of graduation.
  • Additional copies of an AHEGS will be available for purchase.  See Fees for documents and items on the Fees & Charges page.

Can I get a replacement AHEGS sent to me?

  • Yes, but replacements for lost AHEGS will incur a fee.

What do I do if there is an error on my AHEGS?

  • Every effort is made to ensure that your AHEGS is correct. However, if you find that there is an error on the AHEGS, such as a misprint or missing information, please contact Student Central.
  • You will be required to return your original AHEGS before receiving a replacement.

Will fail grades be included on my AHEGS?

  • All results recorded against the specified award will be presented on the AHEGS. This includes any failures or withdrawals.

Will my international experience be included on my AHEGS?

  • Yes. CSU Global provides the details of any international experience to be included on the AHEGS in the Award section.

What prizes or awards will be included on my AHEGS?

  • Deans Awards, University Medals and some other approved awards and prizes are included on the AHEGS. Any other awards, achievements, prizes or scholarships received during study at CSU should be included in your personal portfolio or curriculum vitae.