Food Agility CRC

Food Agility CRC Food Agility Cooperative Research Centre invests in world-leading research that is changing the way we produce, supply and consume food. With our partners, we create new data-driven technology for the agrifood industry. We are funded by the Australian Government under its Cooperative Research Centre program and by our partners, which include agrifood businesses, technology companies, research institutions, agribusinesses and service providers.

The Cool Soil Initiative (CSI) is a key project in Food Agility’s ‘Carbon and Natural Capital’ pillar, a research theme focused on tools and incentives for managing carbon and other forms of natural capital in farming systems.

We are excited about the real-world impact of CSI’s on-farm engagement and support for the adoption of sustainable practices to reduce emissions and improve soil health in grain production.

Importantly, the project is also exploring how to deliver greater value to growers, and share the value of emissions reduction across supply chains, through streamlined data capture and reporting,  as well as a spatial data portal.

For us there’s real value in increasing the digital maturity of agricultural sub-sectors and in the project’s work to boost the economic and environmental sustainability of agribusinesses and supply chains.