Charles Sturt Card Holder Portal

Through this portal you will be able to access the following information and functions for your Charles Sturt Card.

Step 1

Your PIN (Personal identification Number)

If you have not set a PIN on your card

  1. Enter your ID number at the My Account Login screen. You will need to leave the PIN field blank.
  2. The system will then display the Set My Pin screen, where you will need to validate your identity by entering the requested information, and clicking on the VALIDATE button. If your identity is validated, you will be able to enter your selected PIN into the Pin and Confirm Pin fields.
  3. Click on the Set Pin button and your new PIN will be recorded, and you will be returned to the My Account Login screen (see below).

If you already have set a PIN on your card

  1. Enter your ID number at the My Account Login screen, and enter your PIN
  2. Click on the Login button and you will be taken to the Cardholder Portal Home Page.
Step 2

My account

The My Account screen will tell you what the current balance of your Card Account is (pending any unprocessed transactions), and tell you the current status of your card.

Your Card Status can be Locked or Unlocked. A Locked Card is unable to be used for financial transactions. Cards are usually locked because the account balance has fallen below zero, and the card has been locked by the Card Manager to avoid the balance falling further into debit. You can also lock your own card, if it is lost or stolen.

It is your responsibility to lock your card if it is lost or stolen to protect yourself from card misuse.

Locking your Card

If your Charles Sturt Card is lost or stolen, it is your responsibility to ensure the card is locked. To lock your card, simply click on the Lock Card button on the My Account Screen. This will update your card status to Locked, and send messages to appropriate university contacts regarding your card. If you locate your card and wish to to unlock your card, you will need to contact Student Central and present your card. Due to security constraints, you are unable to unlock your card yourself.

Step 3

Change my PIN

Once you have set the PIN on your card, you will be able to change that PIN via or through the Cardholder Portal. Simply click on the Change My Pin link. You will be prompted to enter your current PIN, then enter and confirm your new PIN. The change of PIN takes effect immediately, and this new PIN will apply to all card functions.

Step 4

Recent activity

The recent activity screen shows you the recent transactions on your Card Account. The time frame for the list of transactions can be adjusted by selecting the appropriate option from the drop down menu under the My Transactions heading. You can select to view transactions for Today, This Week, or This Month or to view All Transactions credited or debited to your account.

Step 5

Log Out

It is important that you log out of the Cardholder Portal when you are finished, for your own security, particularly if you are using a shared or public computer. If you leave yourself logged in, other people can view your personal information, change your PIN or lock your card.