CSU Live Testimonial

Henriette AntonHenriette Anton
Bachelor of Veterinary Technology

"I am in my first year of studying the Bachelor of Veterinary Technology. I was in another course, which I didn't enjoy at all, when I saw the Bachelor of Veterinary Technology being advertised for this year. I had always wanted to work with animals so I transferred!

"I now feel like I am heading in a direction that I'll be passionate about for a long time. Veterinary Technology has a very diverse course structure, which gives me the opportunity to pick up particular subjects that I am interested in.

"CSU is the only university at the moment that offers Veterinary Technology. Because I am living in Melbourne, the distance education factor also appealed to me as it wasn't feasible for me at the time to move up to Wagga Wagga.

"Distance education is great in many ways but it is also extremely challenging. I like it because I can fit it in around my work schedule and other commitments. I find it challenging and sometimes frustrating as you need to be extremely self-managed and disciplined to organise your study times. However, I really love the flexibility that it provides.

"Most of my subjects have required attendance at residential schools. Personally, I love attending residential schools as you get to meet other students in your course, which makes you feel less isolated as a distance student. I also love having the opportunity to have hands-on learning and to consolidate what I have been watching and reading about back at home.

"Most of my subjects also require work placement. I am now working as a trainee veterinary nurse at a small animal clinic that resulted from my placement. Getting the hands-on experience is the most important part of learning for me and I'm thoroughly enjoying my work.

"I feel like CSU has a very friendly vibe and atmosphere - I used to study at a very large university and I felt like a 'number'. At CSU, even studying by distance, I don't feel that way at all. Someone from CSU called me one day and asked how I was going with my studies and even put me in contact with a study coach. I was so impressed by that, and I don't think you would find that at a bigger university.

"If you are wanting to go into animal sciences, CSU is absolutely fantastic."