CSU Live Testimonial

Natasha Ziemer Natasha Ziemer
Bachelor of Equine Science

“I chose CSU because it offers one of only two Bachelor of Equine Science degrees in Australia and I’ve found it to be a great balance between horse management and science education. Some of the classic pathways such as vet, high profile rider, and racehorse trainer didn’t interest me and stumbling upon Equine Science was the Holy Grail. It was the perfect way to combine my passion for science and horses.

“There is an endless supply of resources available at CSU for those who seek them out. I’ve used the library, career counsellors, residential tutors, lectures, and course coordinators. I also found O-Week to be very well set up, which helped with my transition to uni life. The Wagga Wagga campus has a fun, inclusive vibe and there is a country feel and strong sense of community with plenty of support available when you need it. Sometimes a rural location may lack technology or expertise, but CSU doesn’t have that issue.

“The workplace learning component in Equine Science isn’t until third year, however, the first two years of the course are certainly not limited to classrooms and lecture halls. There are plenty of hands on learning opportunities from chemistry and biology lab practicals, to animal dissections, horse training and artificial insemination. I always look forward to practicals - they provide invaluable learning experiences and effectively reinforce theory. 

“Having owned horses since I was young, I thought I already knew a fair bit but I’ve learned so much more through my studies at CSU. The equine industry is always changing, and full of opposing views and conflicting information. Instead of teaching us only the traditional or the most common methods, we’re given broad information on how things are done, and allowed to further explore which methods work for us. Considering the endless changes that scientific discoveries and assessments present, the best way to prepare us for the workforce is to give us the tools to adapt. 

“To anyone considering study at CSU, I would say go for it! CSU will give you the platform to take you where you want to go, but you need to want to go there! I’m so thankful for all the opportunities I’ve had here. There have been countless occasions that have led to my growth and development that I honestly don’t think would happen anywhere else.”