CSU Live Testimonial

Emily Bird

Emily Bird

Bachelor of Stage and Screen (Television)

“The Stage and Screen lecturing and support staff at Charles Sturt University (CSU) make this course an obvious choice for creative students. Their combined knowledge and experience results in industry-standard university productions that ensure job-ready graduates. I have benefited immensely from my lecturers' industry experience as they have the proficiency to recognise where my work needs improvement, and they constantly work to ensure high standards are maintained.

"Hands-on learning has been essential to my success in the Television Production degree. From the first day at university I have been encouraged to gain practical experience by interacting with my peers on productions with top quality equipment. This has resulted in me feeling qualified and prepared to enter into the industry.

"The Bachelor of Stage and Screen (Television) enables students to collaborate with peers from other disciplines, which has been an essential part of my degree, helping me to refine my professionalism and co-ordination skills. Through working in a professional environment with production students, designers and actors, lecturers are able to create projects that allow us to practically explore the roles and responsibilities associated with our chosen field.

"One of the main reasons I chose to study at CSU was that the graduate employment rate is fantastic. Through the Television Production degree, industry professionals travel to Wagga Wagga to meet and offer internships to the third-year students. As networking is essential to success in the TV industry, this is an unparalleled opportunity that sets CSU apart from similar courses."