CSU Live Testimonial

Paul Millgate

Paul Millgate

"I am so glad that I could study one of, if not the best, TV degrees in the country. The sense of community at CSU is beyond description. Everyone is a friend.

"I would go to class and be surrounded by the latest technologies in TV and supported by amazing ex-industry lecturers.

"I can't even begin to explain what I learnt about the television industry at CSU. The responsibility and respect that CSU students get from both the academic and administration staff was beyond my expectations.

"In one of our first lessons, we were put in control of a multi-million dollar TV studio. We basically operated as an independent production company. In a year, we would have produced a regional magazine style program, a children's television series, hours of drama both multicam and single cam, hours of documentaries, a 90 minute live show, five episodes of an O Week special, and countless news stories and commercials. Of course none of this would have been possible without the equipment and fantastic staff."