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India Study Abroad

Beyond Borders


  • Film and Media
  • Grassroots Community Development
  • Teach Rural Children
  • Rural & Public Health Rotation
  • Clinical Rotation
  • Microfinance internship
  • Mumbai Introduction to Traditional Medicine

"This trip was an amazing cultural experience which opened our eyes to the different life styles and the poverty which we see little of in Australia...seeing how they can help themselves through microloans and other microfinance activities, also how much it empowers women in a culture which is still male dominant. No tourist could do what we did." Sarah Miller - Bachelor of Business (Accounting), 2011

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Projects abroad

Projects Abroad (Australia)

Projects Abroad is a leading volunteer abroad organisation. Volunteering on one of their projects gives you the opportunity to become more than a tourist; to become part of a community, to live and work beside local people, understand their world and make friends for life.


"Surrounded by new experiences and customs, one can't help but reflect on one's own culture by drawing comparisons and this for me is an invaluable aspect of travel; to maintain an open mind and heart and have a healthy respect for all cultures and customs both at home and as a foreigner in another land." Nicci Parry-Jones - Bachelor of Arts, 2011

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AIM Overseas

AIM overseas offers Australian university students the opportunity to participate in international programs that will enhance their degree and give a competitive edge to their qualifications. Students can choose from a range of short term or language programs in a diverse range of countries and settings.

"The academic side of things was all great and I really learnt a lot, but just sitting down and having conversations with the vast variety of people we came in contact with was phenomenal. Hearing people's stories about their own lives, careers and suggestions on what we must do before we leave (like eat some Carolina BBQ and southern fried chicken), really helped us feel welcome and a part of something. I would do it again in an instant. You make life-long friends, take wicked photos, see things you would not have thought existed and most importantly, you have a blast while doing it all."    Katie Eslick - Bachelor of Arts / Bachelor of Teaching (Secondary), 2010

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Antipodeans Abroad

Antipodeans Abroad offers a wide range of rewarding and exciting placements for Australian university students in Africa and Asia through a variety of health care programs. Placements provide students with a fantastic opportunity to travel overseas, apply their course work in practical settings and gain valuable industry experience.

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Intern China

From internship placements to cultural and language programs InternChina can help you experience the 'real China'; providing opportunities for you to gain an insight into the Chinese business world.

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International Internships

This experienced organisations works with individual students, as well as educational institutions, commercial organisations and NGOs, to facilitate internships, study intensives, immersion and unit-based programs, along with career mentoring, professional skills development, cross-cultural communication and language training.

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CISaustralia is dedicated to providing Australians innovative, high quality overseas study, intern and volunteer experiences while promoting global awareness, inspiring personal growth and developing engaged world citizens

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