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Short Term Programs Application

Before you commence completing this form you will need -

  1. Your Passport Details - If you do not own a valid passport (must have 6 months validity remaining after program return date) you will be required to apply for, or have obtained one no later than the program deposit date)
  2. Your Visa Details if you are an International student
  3. A prepared statement of purpose. You will need to enter this detail in this form.
  4. Read the Student Acknowledgement, Declaration and Agreement. You will be required to declare you understand and acknowledge these terms at the end of this application.

Please note: Your selection for inclusion in this program will be based on the information you provide in this application, your academic transcript, statement of purpose and recommendation by your enrolled school. 

Ready. Set. Go!

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You will know your application has been successfully submitted with an acknowledgement on the screen after hitting the Apply now button. You should also receive a confirmation email to the address that you enter into the form. If you do not receive these messages you have not completed a mandatory field. Please scroll through your form to find this omission - it will be identified with a message highlighted bright orange.

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I have a current passport Check the expiry date of your passport. You may not be permitted to travel unless your passport is valid for six months from when you plan to leave the host country.
International Short Term Program Details
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Emergency Contact Details
Special Assistance
Do you have any health or dietary needs that may need to be accommodated during your program? (e.g. disabilities, illnesses, allergies, diet) (Please note: travel insurance may not cover some situations, including pre-existing medical conditions. Providing this information can assist in ensuring necessary coverage)
Please list any health or dietary needs that may need to be accommodated during your program.
Statement of Purpose
In approximately 100 words (800 characters) please outline your reasons for wanting to join this program, including how you feel the program will benefit you academically and personally.
In approximately 100 words (800 characters) please outline how you feel your participation in the program will benefit other participants and the success of the program.
Upload Supporting Documentation
Please include a copy of Student Visa (International students only) and/or other documents to support your application.
Student Acknowledgment, Declaration and Agreement
Yes, I confirm I have read the attached document * By ticking this box you confirm your understanding and acceptance of the acknowledgements, declarations and agreements set out below and that CSU may rely on and enforce these acknowledgements, declarations and agreements.