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Lille European Summer Program

Proposed 2019 Program

Delivered by one of CSU Global's Exchange Partners - Université Catholique de Lille - this allows CSU students the opportunity to have an extraordinary study abroad experience in beautiful Lille, France. The program allows you to select from a number of short courses that complement your study discipline as well as offering field trips and social outings, with the aim of taking you to places in Euro-regions with historical or cultural significance related to your selected courses.

The entire experience  was simply unforgettable. Studying and travelling overseas is truly a unique experience. Regardless of what you learn back home you can never emulate this environment. Learning about so many different cultures and meeting such a different group of people is something you can’t experience in classrooms here. Everyone was there for the same reasons; a love of learning, love of travel and curiosity. These things bound us all together. Michael Jago, Program Participant 2017

Further details on the Université Catholique de Lille's European Summer Program (including available courses) can be found on the university website.

- 27 May- 26 June, 2019* ( exact dates to be confirmed)
ESP2 - 28 June-26 July, 2019* (exact dates to be confirmed)

*Please note: part of this program is delivered during session time. As such students should liaise with their Subject Coordinators/Course Directors to obtain approval to miss any on-campus requirements and to determine what the academic implications of studying offshore for that period of time will be.

Number of Places: unlimited

Eligibility: Students who in 2019 will be enrolled in a Bachelor degree at Charles Sturt University and will be eligible to receive academic recognition for their participation in this program. In addition to applying to CSU Global students will also be required to submit an application to Université Catholique for final selection.

Academic Information: Students may be eligible to receive academic recognition up to the value of 8 points (unspecified elective) for their participation in this program. When undertaking your Université Catholique program you should expect to complete approximately 7 ECTS credits for your study to be considered equivalent to an 8 point CSU subject. Academic recognition will require payment of a CSU subject tuition fee and satisfactory participation and completion of specified assessment items. Students must liaise directly with their Course Director for approval to include an elective subject in their course structure and should do so prior to applying for this program.

Financial Assistance: Undergraduate students may be eligible to obtain a $450 Vice Chancellor Travel Grant. Eligibility is restricted to CSU students enrolled in a CSU degree and receiving academic recognition for their participation in the program.

Students may also be eligible to receive financial assistance through the Australian Government's OS-HELP loan. OS-HELP is a loan available to eligible Commonwealth Supported students who want to undertake some of their study overseas. OS-HELP can be used for a range of expenses such as airfares, accommodation, and other travel or study expenses.

Eligibility for OS-HELP will be assessed once successful students are selected and is based on a number of criteria.  Acceptance into a CSU Global program does not guarantee eligibility for the loan. Please note, you cannot pay your program deposit through OS-HELP.

All funding associated with CSU Global programs (travel grants, scholarships, subsidies and loans) is linked to successful completion of academic and program expectations and submission of documents. Failure to meet these requirements may result in funding being revoked.

Refer to CSU Global's Scholarships and Funding webpage for further information on financial assistance.

Cost: Approximately €2950 (paid directly to Université Catholique de Lille)

Costs should include: In-country program fee, course materials, accommodation (twin-share in university dormitories), €50 cafeteria meal pass, orientation program, access pass for use on buses and metros in Lille, access to university facilities, field trips, and some cultural and social activities.

Costs do not include:  CSU subject fees, airfares passports, visas(if required), immunisations (where required), travel insurance, additional transport/meals/sightseeing, recreational activities, souvenirs, gratuities and incidentals.

Please note: This is an individually ticketed program (students to purchase their own flights, travel insurance, visas and passports). 

Application Timeline: continue to the bottom of the page for application link

  • Application closing date: applications are closed
  • Successful students notified (email): approx two weeks after the application closing date
  • Applications due to Université Catholique: ESP1 - 1 April, 2019  /  ESP2 - 1 May 2019
  • Full and final payment date: To be advised by Université Catholique
    (You MUST have applied for or obtained your passport prior to this date. Please note it may take 3-4 weeks to obtain a passport)
  • Pre-departure sessions: To be advised

You must apply for selection to CSU Global prior to your application being lodged and assessed by the Université Catholique de Lille.

Further enquiries regarding this program should be directed to:

Alice Wood
CSU Global  
Charles Sturt University
Building 1395
Bathurst, NSW 2795
Phone: + 61 2 6338 4068

Draft Itinerary: subject to change. (Université Catholique de Lille reserves the right to cancel courses that contain fewer than 10 participants two or more weeks prior to the start of the program.)
Students arrive at Université Catholique de Lille: Information sessions and refreshments
Orientation and activities
3Language classes and nominated course lessons
Language classes, nominated course lessons 
Weekend activities
Weekend activities
Language classes, nominated course lessons and social event
Language classes and nominated course lessons
Language classes, nominated course lessons and social event
10 Language classes and nominated course lessons
11 Language classes, nominated course lessons and site visit
12 Free time
13 Free time
14  Language classes, nominated course lessons and social even
15 Language classes, nominated course lessons and information session
16 Language classes and information session 
17 Day trip 
18  Day trip 
19 Optional weekend activity
20 Optional weekend activity 
21 Language classes, nominated course lessons and social event
22 Language classes and nominated course lessons
23Language classes and nominated course lessons 
24Language classes, study time and farewell dinner
25French Exam, course exam and closing ceremony
26 Program concludes - checkout and departure