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International Workplace Experience Program - Nepal

Faculty of Science

School of Community Health

Work Placement - Occupational Therapy and Speech Pathology

Proposed 2019 Program

Nepal During this 5 week placement you will work at Autism Care Nepal Society (ACNS) in Kathmandu.  Your participation will build on the mutually beneficial, long term relationship between ACNS,  the School of Community Health, and Aspect NSW that facilitates an improved quality of life for the clients. ACNS (founded in 2008) is the only active autism organisation in Nepal that is run by passionate parents who care for children with autism. They provide support and information services to persons with autism and people who work with these children in Nepal. They intend to educate, aware and act for the rights of children with autism throughout Nepal.

The School of Community Health has been running a program for fourth year students to Autism Care Nepal since 2013.  Occupational therapy and speech pathology students work in interdisciplinary teams with children diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and their families. You will be supervised by a CSU staff member, by ACNS  staff members, and by occupational therapy and speech pathology staff members from Aspect, NSW.

Prior to departure for Nepal there will be a compulsory two-day training program that you must attend run by Aspect NSW and CSU staff.  The dates for this pre-departure training program are to be advised. This session is usually run in Sydney

"Placement at AutismCare Nepal was an experience unlike any placement completed in Australia. It provided so much more than clinical experience and exposure to paediatric therapy. When you first arrive, however, you are taken aback with just how much knowledge and skill the staff have. Taking into consideration most of them have children at school, the level of energy maintained day in day out is astounding. 

Overall a very rewarding, overwhelming and fantastic experience that I would highly recommend to future students. I enjoyed my time at AutismCare Nepal, I learnt a lot about myself and about how occupational therapy can be applied in just about any context, with the skills I've learnt being adaptable to all practice areas." Alexandra Harvey, 2016 Program Participant

This program is partially funded by the Australian Government's New Colombo Plan funding. CSU recognises the support of the Australian Government in providing targeted funds which have subsidised the cost of this program to students.  

When: 10 June - 12 July, 2019* (exact dates to be confirmed)

*Please note that this program commences during session time. Students will need to liaise with their Course Director to meet any subject/exam requirements due in this period.

Number of places: 8 students - four Speech Pathology/four Occupational Therapy
This program will require minimum numbers to proceed.

Elephant and StudentsEligibility: Fourth year students (in 2019) enrolled in CSU's Bachelor of Occupational Therapy, Bachelor of Speech and Language Pathology or Master of Speech Pathology courses at the time of undertaking the program.

Academic Information: On successful completion of the program students should receive recognition towards a workplace learning subject as participation in the Nepal Program is in place of a workplace learning placement in Australia. Occupational Therapy students may receive academic recognition for OCC421 or OCC431, whilst Speech Pathology students could receive SPH413 or SPH515.  This recognition will require payment of a subject tuition fee and satisfactory participation and completion of specified assessment items. Students must liaise directly with their Course Director to confirm the ability to include this program in their course structure and should do so prior to applying for this program.

Financial Assistance: The advertised program cost for undergraduate students is based on the provision of financial subsidies from the Australian Government's New Colombo Plan. Eligibility is restricted to Australian Citizens enrolled in an Undergraduate degree and receiving academic recognition at the time of participating in the program. These subsidies are limited in number.

Students may also be eligible to receive financial assistance through the Australian Government's OS-HELP loan. OS-HELP is a loan available to eligible Commonwealth Supported students who want to undertake some of their study overseas. OS-HELP can be used for a range of expenses such as airfares, accommodation, and other travel or study expenses.

Eligibility for OS-HELP will be assessed once successful students are selected and is based on a number of criteria.  Acceptance into a CSU Global program does not guarantee eligibility for the loan. Please note, you cannot pay your program deposit through OS-HELP.

All funding associated with CSU Global programs (travel grants, scholarships, subsidies and loans) is linked to successful completion of academic and program expectations. Failure to meet these requirements may result in funding being revoked.

Refer to Global's Scholarships and Funding webpage for further information on OS-HELP.

Cost: (Exact costs to be advised on notification of successful application)

  • Undergraduate students: Approximately $1200 (NCP funded)
  • Postgraduate Students: Approximately $4200

Costs Should include: In-country program fee, in-country accommodation, language classes, interpreters, Aspect NSW pre-departure training sessions.

Costs do not include: CSU subject fees, airfares, travel insurance, visas, passports, vaccinations, meals, transport, daily living expenses, recreational activities, souvenirs, Aspect NSW pre-departure training associated costs (including accommodation and travel), gratuities and incidentals .

Please note: This is an individually ticketed program (students to purchase their own flights, travel insurance, visas and passports).

Application timeline: Continue to the bottom of this page for application link

  • Application closing date: 14 October, 2018
  • Successful students notified: within two weeks of application deadline
  • Non-refundable $1000 program payment due: within two weeks of notification of successful application
    (You must have a valid passport, or be in the process of applying for one by the final program payment date. Your passport must have a minimum of six month validity from the program's return date)
  • Full and final payment date: 2 March, 2019
  • Pre-departure sessions/modules: To be announced.

Further enquiries regarding the application process should be directed to:

Alice Wood
CSU Global 
Charles Sturt University
Ph: + 61 2 6338 4068

Further enquiries regarding the program content should be directed to:

Trina Phuah
Lecturer in Occupational Therapy
School of Community Health
Charles Sturt University
Tel: + 61 2 6051 9256

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