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About Student Exchange Program

The Student Exchange Program allows students from partner universities to spend one or two semesters in another country while gaining credit for the subjects they study - which means no extra time is required to complete your degree. It is a unique experience to combine study and travel. We refer to students from CSU wishing to study abroad on exchange as outgoing and students wishing to come to CSU to study on exchange as incoming.

There are many advantages to becoming an exchange student.

The international experience will:

  • expand your experiences and horizons
  • provide you with insights into another culture and society which you can't get from just travelling
  • provide you with an education setting that can facilitate the development of relevant career skills
  • enhance your employment opportunities when you graduate
  • contribute to your personal maturity, independence, self-knowledge and confidence

Now is the time to explore a new world and a new way of learning!

Students from Partner Universities Apply Now!

Students from non-partner institutions please see the Study Abroad Program