Towards a greener CSU

Some of the greatest ideas come from the simplest conversations. When people come together to talk about concepts, visions and goals; inspiring things happen.


Since our establishment, CSU Green has been involved in many innovative sustainability-related conversations with CSU's diverse community. And, best of all, from these grass-root conversations, great sustainability initiatives and projects have taken flight across our campuses.

  • CSU Green is CSU's commitment to a sustainable future for all
  • CSU Green is the hub for communication and coordination of the sustainability efforts across the CSU campuses. We monitor the University's sustainability efforts and promote and initiate engaging and exciting sustainability activities
  • Our focus is on reduction of energy and water use, moving the University towards, promoting and embedding sustainability across all CSU operations and platforms. CSU is also committed to making sure our graduates are equipped with the necessary knowledge and know-how to live and work in a sustainable world, with sustainability embedded across all CSU disciplines
  • Our team ensures that the University aligns itself with its strategic sustainability targets and obligations
  • CSU Green works towards the actions and outputs outlined in CSU's 2015–2016 Sub-Plan (Infrastructure Physical and Virtual), which is part of the broader University Strategy.
  • Additionally, the University affirmed its commitment to sustainability through signing the Talloires Declaration: an international agreement signed by over 350 universities around the world
  • In 2015, CSU Green rolled out the LiFE program: a structured process designed especially for tertiary education institutions for evaluating current practices that support or impede good sustainability practices and developing plans in a collaborative manner via cross-organisational participation
  • We are also a proud member of Australasian Campuses Towards Sustainability (ACTS), a leading inter-institutional body advocating for best practice sustainability within the operations, curriculum and research of the tertiary education sector.  Our membership also provides students and staff access to range of member only sustainability resources.

In 2016, CSU became Australia's first certified carbon neutral university.