Charles Sturt University

CSU Green Grass Roots Grant

Would you like to implement a small sustainability initiative on campus and help make a big impact towards CSU's sustainability goals? The 'grass roots' grants can help staff and students kick start a sustainability idea. Grass roots grants are accepted year round – get your application in today.  Funding pool of $10,000 with a maximum of $1000 per project. Please discuss your project with CSU Green.

Project contact
Project details
Project Year
What is the purpose? What are the objectives? What are the targeted outcomes (specific, measurable, achievable)? How will the success of the project be evaluated? (maximum 300 words)
How are you going to implement the project? Is a risk assessment required? How will you measure the success of the project? Who will be responsible for keeping the project going in the long term? (maximum 300 words)
Please specify which aspects of the project will be completed at each stage of the project - feel free to use table format Stage, Milestone, Completion date
(Project launch, What’s New & News, CSU & CSU Green social media, student online news, podcasts, CSU Media release, local news, morning teas, CSU Green website). Please outline how you will publicise your project, to build understanding and commitment to sustainability among others (maximum 200 words).
Please provide contact details for someone endorsing your project
Please upload excel file or word table detailing your project expenses.  Include a description of the item, justification and total cost.  Note CSU Green Grass Roots grants are MAXIMUM $1000 per project.  Larger projects can be applied for every year - please see the main grants page for further details
Please provide an account code for transferral of grant funds.  This will be in the format of Fund Code-Organisation Code-Account-Program Code

Note uploaded documents must be under 10MB TOTAL to submit successfully.