Resource Efficiency and Waste - What You Can Do

Action plan


Join the CSU War On Waste

  • bring your Keep Cup or reusable mug to CHEERS outlets and receive a discount on your hot beverage
  • use a reusable cloth bag at Charlie's Stores and help us say no to plastic bags at CSU
  • learn to sew at a sewing bee with our Boomerang Bag community partners - find them on Facebook in your area
  • ask for your food to be served with reusable crockery and cutlery
  • have your drinks without a plastic straw - ask for ice and no straw!
  • show us how you are joining the fight - upload a picture of your waste free efforts to the CSU Green Facebook page and don't forget the #CSUWarOnWaste
  • CSU is now single use plastic straw free!
  • Register with My eQuals to receive your university transcripts electronically and save paper!

What you can do?

  • use all recycling systems that are available to you (including toner cartridge and battery collection systems)
  • reduce your use of paper: only print when necessary and print double-sided when you can
  • bring your lunch in a reusable container and keep a reusable cup for your coffee purchases
  • use the free water hydration stations
  • take a look at these short film resources [doc 17kb]

Reduce waste and recycle at CSU

You can reduce waste on campus and in your office through CSU Green’s great recycling initiatives.

If you require a new or replacement bin, please contact your office administrator or raise a BEIMS request.

Mixed recyclables

Desktop bin

Paper reduction and under-desk paper recycling

Battery recycling

Printer consumables recycling

Fluorescent Tube recycling

E-waste recycling for CSU assets

Waste separation stations

CSU Organics