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Dale and Maisy talk organics bins

CSU Organics part 1: She's bin waiting

CSU Organics part 2: He's got that peelin feelin'

CSU Organics part 3: An organic love

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Reduce greenhouse gases and landfill by turning your food waste into compost with CSU Organics. The green lid bins and kitchen caddies are located at Orange and Port Macquarie campuses. Take a look at the CSU Organics factsheet [pdf] for what you can place in the organics bin.

Composting toilets (Albury-Wodonga)

Sewerage from several buildings at Albury-Wodonga Campus is treated in dry, composting toilets. These toilets are designed to break down all solid and liquid wastes into a dry compost and they remove odours using a small fan. The solid compost is regularly buried and incorporated into the subsoil around the campus as an organic fertiliser.