Cycling and walking at Port Maquarie

End-of-trip facilities

The end-of-trip facilities at Port Macquarie Campus are available through FMCentralThese facilities include bike parking, showers and change rooms. Find their location at FMCentral. Go to ‘Map Enquiry’, select your campus beneath the ‘HOME’ button and choose the ‘Features’ folder for toilets or the ‘Sustainability’ folder to activate bike parking and water stations.

Staff bike share scheme

Our bike share scheme offers two-wheeled travel to staff for commuting around the Port Macquarie Campus (e.g. for meetings, gym, lunch).

Six staff bikes in three different styles are located on Port Macquarie Campus. Contact Alison Woods to find out more.

If you would like to join or find out more information on the staff bike share scheme, contact us at

Gordon Street Cycles

We have purchased two bicycles from Gordon Street Cycles and they provide ongoing maintenance and bike education.

Gordon Street Cycles, is offering CSU staff and students 15% off in-store purchases. Just present your CSU staff or student card. Please contact Darcy Orme of Gordon Street Cycles for more information at or (02) 6583 3633.

Store details: Location: 163 Gordon Street, Port Macquarie
Hours: 9am–5.30pm Monday to Friday and 9am–1pm Saturday
Peloton Cafe hours: 6am–2.30pm Monday to Friday and 7am–12.30pm Saturday

Bike paths

Bike clubs

Bike shops