Water - What You Can Do

Action plan

This framework has been placed with Energy to form the action plan for Utilities.


What you can do

  • take a look at these short film resources [doc 17kb]
  • Limit the length of your shower and use a timer
  • Make your garden water wise (e.g. through mulching, selecting drought-tolerant plants, and using subsurface irrigation for your lawn or putting a timer on your sprinkler)
  • Install flow restrictors, AAA water saving showerheads and dual flush cisterns if you don't already have these.

What we are doing

  • We’ve introduced rainwater harvesting in most new capital projects, where captured water is used to offset potable water for toilet flushing and irrigation
  • We’ve installed flow-control devices in showers and taps (part of CSU’s Energy Performance Contract)
  • Albury-Wodonga Campus uses a grey-water treatment system to capture water from certain showers and basins on campus. The water is treated with a reed system and used for irrigation on the campus
  • Orange Campus converted stock drinking water to a system that sources dam water in place of potable water.

Fill up at a hydration station


By not purchasing disposable bottled water and instead filling up your reusable bottle at one of our hydration stations, you’re helping to:

  • reduce energy associated with production, packaging and transport of bottled water
  • reduce waste produced by disposable bottles
  • maintain our sustainability achievements – small actions have a big impact.

To find the Hydration stations on your campus, visit FMCentral. Go to Map Enquiry’ and activate the ‘Sustainability’ folder for your chosen campus. This is found within the ‘Features’ folder. Alternatively, you can download the CSU2 App.