Human Capital - Best Practice

Green Globe Award celebrates commitment to support staff and students achieve

Charles Sturt University CSU Green manager Ed Maher and former student Anika Molesworth won the 2018 Green Globe Sustainability Champion and Young Sustainability Champion awards this year - a fantastic recognition of the pathways and support to both staff and students to realise passion and commitment to living and working in a more sustainable university, community, region, country and world.  Well done Ed and Anika!

"Receiving a Green Globe award is a great privilege and provides a wonderful opportunity to celebrate sustainability achievement in the company of many brilliant individuals and highly-committed organisations. It is thanks to the commitment of Charles Sturt University and the community organisations that I am involved in that has allowed me to be recognised with a Sustainability Champion Award." - Ed Maher, Manager CSU Green.

"People working in Australian agriculture are making meaningful contributions to vibrant and resilient futures for all of us. This Green Globe Award recognizes the challenges that farmers are faced with and the effort being made in food security, environmental conservation and climate adaptation. This Award is for all rural Australians demonstrating leadership, commitment, innovation and ensuring sustainable farming futures in NSW." - Anika Molesworth, Founder, Climate Wise Agriculture and 2018

Best Practice

A message to our students and staff

Human capital is our most important resource in achieving sustainability at CSU and we have developed systems to engage and develop students and staff.

The Human Capital framework addresses three critical areas:

  1. Recruitment
    Our recruitment processes position sustainability at the heart of joining CSU and encourage students and staff to play their part in the University’s diverse, sustainable community.
  2. Recognition
    We all share ownership in CSU’s commitment to sustainability. Staff and students who foster positive behaviour change will be recognised and rewarded, through CSU’s achievements, performance reviews and sustainability awards.
  3. Professional development
    Staff (in particular middle and senior management) have opportunities for professional development to pursue their interest in sustainability and further inspire a rewarding culture change at CSU.


Champion Position Campus
Adam Browne Executive Director, Human Resources Wagga Wagga
Carmel O'Regan Executive Director, Division of student Administration Wagga Wagga
Jennie Anderson Director, HR Partnerships, Division of Human Resources Bathurst
Mal Wilson Director, Workplace Relations & Policy, Division of Human Resources Bathurst
Fiona MurphyManager, organisational Culture and CapabilityBathurst
Annette FiggisADKAR FacilitatorWagga Wagga
Christine KlimpschManager, Workforce Planning & Strategic RecruitmentWagga Wagga

Progress toward best practice

This framework was benchmarked with the Staff Engagement framework on 23 May, 2016 and this graph shows our progress toward best practice across the eight activity areas.

The below graph illustrates our progress towards best practice across the eight (8) activity areas.  The orange bars reaching four (4) highlight best practice and the lower bars in blue indicate CSU’s current baseline ratings.

Human Capital & Staff Engagement 2018 progress towards Best Practice