Learning and Teaching - What You Can Do

Action plan

Staff contribution to sustainability in curriculum

We’re all committed to ensuring our students succeed in life and work after they graduate from Charles Sturt. The Sustainable Practices hub with thin the Graduate Learning Outcomes (GLO's) is one of nine dimensions that will equip students with the knowledge, skills and capacity to apply themselves to challenges that employers and the wider community face today and into the future.

All of our graduates will understand how their decisions can compound current challenges or actively contribute to global and local sustainability. Together, we‘ll live up to the Wiradjuri phrase, 'yindyamarra winhanganha' (the wisdom of respectfully knowing how to live well in a world worth living in).

As a staff member:

  • visit the Sustainable Practices resources hub, which will guide you on how to integrate sustainability into courses
  • make an appointment with a mentor to explore specific approaches for your course
  • discuss sustainability in curriculum with your colleagues, and share good practices and learning resources
  • provide an enriching learning experience for students by implementing examples of good practices from CSU’s campuses and within our regional communities
  • take a look at these short film resources [doc 17kb]
  • Take a look at the finalist video for the Australasian 2019 Green Gown Awards for Learning Teaching and Skills that demonstrates the value of sustainable practices within the Graduate Learning Outcomes.

Student involvement in sustainability in curriculum

As a student:

  • Contact CSU Green to discuss potential student projects or internships, where you’ll work on real-world sustainability challenges
  • Identify professional development outside of CSU, such as sustainability-themed conferences, then contact CSU Green to discuss how we might support your participation in these.
  • Find out more about how the STRIVE program can also gain you credits for any work on sustainability initiatives
  • CSU Student Giselle Crowther has been working on an animation video of CSU Flagship species in 2018