Research - Best Practice

Message to our students and academics

The research framework incorporates two separate but linked activities:

  1. Sustainable research

    This research is delivered in a way that minimises environmental impacts. For example, running teleconferences rather than traveling extensively, or using of energy-efficient equipment to minimise carbon emissions.
  2. Research into sustainability

    This research progresses, improves or assists the environmental, social, cultural and economic frameworks without detrimental effects. For example, research with a focus on low-carbon technologies or research that investigates some area of sustainability, e.g. attitudes to sustainability, pedagogies for education for sustainable development.

Importance of sustainability in research

Research conducted by universities and TAFEs drives our global economy, advances in our standard of living and helps us understand the world around us. Integrating sustainability into our research methods can have a huge impact on the behaviours of researchers and ultimately produce more innovative research outputs and outcomes.

For research-intensive institutions, the integration of sustainable research and research into sustainability demonstrates a commitment to new ways of thinking and more sustainable ways to achieve new breakthroughs.


What are the Champions positions and where are they located
Champion Position Campus
Gethin Thomas Director of Office for Research Wagga Wagga
Gayle Smythe Associate Dean, (Research) Faculty of Science Albury-Wodonga
Amanda Moseley Business Manager, National Wine and Grape Industry Centre Wagga Wagga
Paul Prenzler Associate Professor, School of Agricultural and Wine Sciences Wagga Wagga

LiFE Research workshop Rob Doubleday, Paul Prenzler, Gethin Thomas, Maree Crowley, Kym Witney-Soanes


Progress toward best practice

This framework was benchmarked on 27 October 2016. This graph shows our progress toward best practice across the eight activity areas for this framework.

The below graph illustrates our progress towards best practice across the eight (8) activity areas.  The orange bars reaching four (4) highlight best practice and the lower bars in blue indicate CSU's current baseline ratings.  An absence of a blue bar indicates 'no progress' for this activity area.

Research 20116 graph