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CSU Sustainable Research Guidelines

CSU Green in partnership with the CSU research community have produced the CSU Sustainable Research Guidelines as a result of work implemented across 2018 and finalised in 2019.

The objective of this guidelines are to enable the inclusion of sustainability principles and best practice in all aspects of Charles Sturt University’s research operations.

The guidelines are a key action identified in the Learning in Future Environments (LiFE) Index process to progress CSU towards best practice in the Research framework.

The Sustainable Research Guidelines apply to all University staff, students and agents engaged in any research activity attributable to CSU. As CSU increases its alignment with LiFE best practice, the guide will be updated to enable access to valuable resources outlining sustainable practice.

We believe that this may be the first time a tertiary institution in Australia have developed such a set of guidelines specifically aimed at reducing our environmental footprint associated with our research activities.


  • Call CSU Green to discuss your great project idea to reduce our environmental footprint and to apply for a Sustainability Grant
  • Consider the life-cycle of your research proje`ct and seek opportunities to reduce resources and equipment waste

CSU sustainability research seed grant

Research Seed Grant funding is your opportunity to undertake sustainability-related projects across any discipline and bring sustainability to the forefront of your research. Funding pool of $40,000 with a maximum of $10,000 per project for CSU research staff. Find out more about our grants.

Research Impact

CSU researchers have a wide-reaching impact with their research as demonstrated by our research case studies.

Research Narrative

CSU has developed a Research Narrative to guide our research activity.