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Sustainability Advisors

If you live on campus, you can significantly improve sustainability in student residences as a Sustainability Advisor. Coordinate sustainability initiatives and events in your dorm, write an article for your student magazine or be the student sustainability voice on your SRC or Campus Environment Committee.

2019 Sustainability Advisors

Georgia Booth (Albury-Wodonga)

Nickname “G”  

Something that no one knows about me: is that I love CHICKENS!!

What's the best thing about living on Res?  My favourite thing about living on res is the social aspect. Everyone looks out for one and other and really cares about the people they live with.

After I finish my degree I hope to travel to Asia and give back by working in remote communities with speech therapy.

What interested you to become a Sustainability Advisor?

My passion first arose in my gap year when I started volunteering for an organisation called Days for Girls who make reusable sanitary kits to send overseas. After joining the Riverina chapter, I started to think of other ways I could reduce my waste and live a more sustainable life.

I am passionate about living as sustainable life and wanted to pass this knowledge onto others, which was a big factor in applying for SA.

The role involves working with the residential advisors in raising awareness around creating a sustainable living environment on res.

I hope to spread awareness about living a sustainable life, and break the stereotype that it’s hard to recycle ad reduce waste. I am also excited to share my knowledge on sustainability and learn from others on campus who also share my passion.

After I finish my degree

I would love to get a job with that degree! But also I am passionate about volunteering so I would love to take that overseas and give back. Where ever I end up I would love to just connect with as many people as possible and make a difference where I am at that point. I do have a passion for rural areas too as I grew up in that space.

What interested you to become Sustainability Advisor

Probably when I came to realise that the actions that we make really did impact down the line. I also watched a series called War on Waste that really heightened my awareness of the scale and importance of thinking about our actions. It really is just a choice sometimes and it is an attitude that I have challenged myself to try change in others. I believe just like CSU Green that small actions can make a big difference. The necessity for change has never been more vital so it is my role to communicate an important message that is relevant and practical to students to get behind as simple as one step at a time.

Bethany Durham (Bathurst)

Nickname Beth/Betho

Something that no one knows about me:

Like to think I'm an open book but I have a mild phobia of speaking on the phone, but obviously, I am an adult and can handle my own matters haha

What’s the best thing about living on Res?

Obviously, the social aspect is number 1. You walk on campus and you have an instant 100 friends which is awesome. Living with your friends is great they have your back and will always be there to get a coffee and talk about nothing and everything.

Eliza Erratt (Orange)

Nickname: Lize

Something that no one knows about me:  I lived in Canada for 2 years

What is the best thing about living on Res:

I love the social aspect that living on campus encompasses, you meet so many people and form life- long friendships. Whether it be dorm events such as dinners, or Res events like as sporting cups there is a diverse range of activities everyone can participate in.

After I finish my degree:

I want to work as a Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist specializing in sport injuries. However, I wish to advance my studies by completing Master of Animal Physiotherapy and specialize in treating horses.

What interested you to become a Sustainability Advisor:

After living with two previous Sustainability Advisors across two campuses (Orange and Wagga) and participating in many activities and events they hosted, I quickly became passionate about reducing our carbon waste and recycling.

Sustainability is fascinating, because individuals can make simple changes to their lifestyle which can lead to a big impact on our environment. Therefore, my role as Sustainability Advisor is crucial to educate students on ways to be more sustainable on our campus in a fun and engaging way.

I hope to influence and break away from our generations ideas that about recycling being too hard and too complicated and teach individuals why they need to care for our environment by showing them how they have an impact.

After I finish my degree:

My career goal would be to become a Sports Physiotherapist for a highly professional sports

What interested you to become a Sustainability Advisor:

I am passionate because I want to make a difference to people’s lives as I want to promote more sustainable practices to reduce the impact through saving water, reducing energy consumption and food wastage. I applied for SA as I wanted to promote awareness and educate students on sustainable living and the environmental concerns that we face every day.
SA involves running events and activities throughout the year to get students on board to living a more sustainable life. Examples include Earth Hour and Energy challenge which focuses on reducing energy consumption.
I hope to be able to implement new ideas such as a veggie patch and hold events throughout the year such as Res cycle and a candlelit dinner for Earth Hour to teach recycling practices and change student’s attitudes to sustainability.

Holly Threlfo (Port Macquarie)

Nickname:  Hol 

Something that no one knows about me: I have an identical  twin also studying at Charles Sturt Uni!

What’s the best thing about living on Res? Creating new friendships with people from all different courses that will last a
lifetime.You are an individual at Charles Sturt, where lecturers and staff know you by your first name and create a real connection with you.

Megan Kaye (Wagga Wagga)

Nickname Meg

Something that no one knows about me:

What’s the best thing about living on Res?

After I finish my degree:

What interested you to become a Sustainability Advisor:

My interest in sustainability stems from a love of animals and the outdoors. From a young age my parents encouraged me to learn about and care for the environment.

In 2018 I encouraged my friends and those I lived with on campus to make small changes in order to live more sustainably. When the sustainability advisor position was advertised, I thought it would be a great opportunity to learn, meet new people and share my passion about sustainability with the wider residence community.

Action plan


Get involved in initiatives to reduce your carbon footprint at CSU by:

  • running for Student Representative Council and encouraging the group to show active leadership on sustainability issues
  • encouraging others to discuss today's sustainability issues on social media
  • get involved in Tree Planting Day
  • ride or walk or carpool to campus
  • use the free water stations
  • use the waste separation stations
  • REScycle
  • donate food and household items through Move Out
  • develop a sustainability project idea and submit a funding application to CSU's Sustainability Grants program
  • take a look at these short film resources [doc 17kb]. For all the initiatives check out our events calendar.

Student financial support

CSU Green can provide you with financial support to assist with attending relevant conferences and other sustainability-related professional development opportunities. Contact CSU Green at to find out if you are eligible to receive financial assistance for the conference or skill-building opportunity you're interested in.

Bus share subsidy

CSU Green assist student clubs with share bus hire for ball events. The program offers clubs a 50% contribution towards hire costs capped at $200 and a total of two subsidies per year per club.

The promotional requirements of this sponsorship partnership include:

  • Share CSU Green Facebook page on the club social media pages and encourage members to like our page
  • Before departure make an announcement that CSU Green has provided support for your sustainable transport option
  • Promote CSU as Australia's first certified carbon neutral university
  • Encourage students to visit the CSU Green website for Student Engagement, News and Events, Grants and Active Transport pages
  • Display the shared transport and upcoming sustainability initiative posters in the bus
  • Provide event photos and student testimonials to CSU Green for promotion after the event

Club committees can use the online form to apply for a bus subsidy and contact CSU Green with any questions.

Sustainability grants

Do you have a sustainability project idea? Need financial support to make it happen? Sustainability grants are a great way to turn your sustainability ideas into reality.

Student Sustainability Groups (SSG)

Student sustainability groups are a great way to get involved in sustainability initiatives while studying. In an SSG, you can:

  • run an event on campus
  • start a community garden
  • apply for a sustainability grants
  • join your Campus Environment Committee
  • write a sustainability article for your student magazine
  • bring sustainability initiatives to your SRC.

If you're keen to join or create an SSG on campus, contact for more information.

Green Adventure People @ Albury-Wodonga

Kerr Sustainability Centre @ Albury-Wodonga

Eco Life @ Orange

Eco Active @ Wagga Wagga

SRC Sustainability Partnership

At the start of each year CSU Green meet with the incoming SRC to explore ways to better embed sustainability practices in SRC initiatives and form partnerships in which the SRC and CSU Green can work together to achieve CSU's sustainability goals.

This is achieved through...

  • SRCs electing a sustainability representative at each campus
  • SRCs working with student Sustainability Advisors in residences
  • SRCs embedding sustainable practices into their events and initiatives
  • SRC members supporting and promoting CSU Green events and initiatives to all students
  • SRC members undertaking professional development opportunities including attending sustainability conferences, volunteering and internships
  • SRC members demonstrating leadership in sustainability and advocating for CSU's sustainability goals

To view previous SRC ideas for greater student engagement in sustainability at CSU and review progress updates, see the Student Engagement Portfolio

Australian Campuses Towards Sustainability (ACTS)

CSU are proud members of Australasian Campuses Towards Sustainability (ACTS), a leading inter-institutional body advocating for best practice sustainability within the operations, curriculum and research of the tertiary education sector.  Our membership also provides students and staff access to range of member only sustainability resources.

Campus Environment Committee (CEC)

You can get involved in sustainability on campus by becoming a member of your Campus Environment Committee. No matter which faculty or division you work within, if you have an interest in sustainability and would like to offer your on-ground knowledge, expertise and passion for sustainability to help us develop initiatives, reach sustainability targets and environmental goals on campus, get involved with your nearest CEC.

Albury-Wodonga AWCEC

You can contact the AWCEC with ideas, suggestions, comments or other contributions by emailing the CSU Green office

Bathurst BCEC

You can contact the BCEC with ideas, suggestions, comments or other contributions by emailing the Community Relations Officer

Dubbo DCEC

You can contact the DCEC with ideas, suggestions, comments or other contributions by emailing the CSU Green office

Orange OCEC

You can contact the OCEC with ideas, suggestions, comments or other contributions by emailing the CSU Green office

Port Macquarie PMCEC

You can contact the PMCEC with ideas, suggestions, comments or other contributions by emailing the CSU Green office

Wagga Wagga WWCEC

You can contact the WWCEC with ideas, suggestions, comments or other contributions by emailing the CSU Green office

CEC terms of reference [pdf 24kb]

CEC poster [pdf 1.1mb]