Charles Sturt University

CSU Green Bus Subsidy application

CSU Green's Bus Subsidy is available to CSU student clubs and associations to assist with the cost of buses to and from university associated events.  Clubs can apply twice per year and the subsidy pays for 50% of bus hire to a maximum of $200 per subsidy.

Please email any questions to

Club Details
Student Liason Officers can help you with this
Travel details
campus/town location is fine
Date of event * Commencing travel
Date (s) of return * Returning to destination
Please upload a copy of a quote from bus hire company detailing intended travel and overall cost.  Note:  the subsidy will be paid upon completion of travel into the nominated account once promotional activities are undertaken.  The value of the subsidy is 50% of the quoted cost up to a maximum of $200.If you don't have a quote yet - please still submit this form and obtain the quote once confirmation is received from CSU Green for the subsidy.  (Emailed quotes and hire fee's or booking confirmations are fine - forward any emails to
Promotional Activities  -To qualify for the CSU Green Bus Subsidy please confirm you agree to undertake the following promotional activities
Share our CSU Green Facebook page and website and
Make an announcement on the bus
Display Bus Share posters Posters are available from Student Liason Offices