Community Engagement - Best Practice

Best Practice

Message to our students, staff and local community

We’re uniquely placed to engage with our local community and the wider public to develop sustainable initiatives. We will engage at the regional, national and international levels through our established connections and networks, as well as our curriculum.

Through community engagement, we’ll find out how we can play a key role in promoting and sustaining mutually beneficial relationships with local and broader communities. This might be to open up physical spaces for the public to share knowledge and expertise or to support staff and student volunteers in local projects.

The Goodlife Community Co-operative is a great example of community engagement in action. It’s organised by residents who work with others to support people, animals and the earth. Visit Goodlife Community Co-operative’s Facebook page to find out more.

CEC poster


Fiona Nash Strategic Adviser, Regional Development Canberra
Laura Dan Director, Knowledge Exchange and Engagement Canberra
Vacant Director, Government and community relations, Office of Vice Chancellor Bathurst
Wes Ward Media Officer, Division of Marketing and Communication Albury-Wodonga
John Rafferty Sustainability Community Co-operative, Lecturer School of Environmental Sciences Albury-Wodonga
Deirdre Keogh Associate Head of School, School of Accounting and Finance Bathurst
Simon Wright Lecturer, School of Marketing and Management Bathurst
Heather Robinson Head of Campus Orange
Clara Koch Division of Student Services Port Macquarie
Taryn Hodge Community Relations Officer Wagga and Albury Wodonga
Cortney Haynes Community Relations Officer Port Macquarie
Laura Mcintyre Community Relations Officer Dubbo

Progress toward best practice

This framework was benchmarked with Business and Industry Interface on 7 September 2016 and reviewed in October 2018.

This graph shows our progress toward best practice across the eight activity areas for this framework.

The below graph illustrates our progress towards best practice across the eight (8) activity areas.  The orange bars reaching four (4) highlight best practice and the lower bars in blue indicate CSU’s current baseline ratings.

Participants a the 2015 Biodiversity dreaming conference

Opening of the mountain bike track CSU Albury-Wodonga in October 2018. (L-R - Jennifer Munday - Albury Wodonga Head of Campus with students Hannah Gubb and Chloe Grey and Jacqueline Clements, Executive Director, Division of Student Services)