Staff engagement - Best Practice

Message to our staff

Our journey towards sustainability is one necessitating change in both attitudes and behaviours; rhetoric means little without the engagement of people and the communities we create. Supporting staff in our engagement with issues of sustainability and processes of change is challenging but critical to translate aspirations into action.

There is unquestionably expertise within the CSU staff base that remains untapped until individuals are actively consulted. Similarly, staff are often very engaged in sustainability in their personal lives but fail to engage with agendas in similar ways during their working lives. CSU is tapping into this energy and expertise by facilitating conversations with them through the LiFE process.


Champion Position Campus
Adam Browne Executive Director, Human Resources Wagga Wagga
Carmel O'Reagan Executive Director, Division of Student Admin (EDDSA) Wagga Wagga
Jennie Anderson Director, HR Partnerships, Division of Human Resources Bathurst
Mal Wilson Director, Workplace Relations & Policy, Division of Human Resources Bathurst
Fiona MurphyManager, Organisational Culture and CapabilityBathurst
Annette FiggisADKAR facilitatorWagga Wagga
Christine KlimpschManager, Workforce Planning & Strategic RecruitmentWagga Wagga

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Progress towards best practice

This framework was benchmarked with the Human Capital framework on 23 May 2016.

The below graph indicates our progress towards best practice across the eight activity areas for this framework.

The below graph illustrates our progress towards best practice across the eight (8) activity areas.  The orange bars reaching four (4) highlight best practice and the lower bars indicate CSU’s baseline ratings from 2016 to present.

Human Capital and staff engagement May 2016 graph