Charles Sturt ranks in top 70 Worldwide -

Times Higher Education Sustainability Rankings

Charles University has ranked 61st worldwide in the Times Higher Education Rankings in our first year of submission to the scoring system.  The rankings are based on the UN's Sustainable Development Goals and track our work across all aspects of our operations against the SDGs.  In particular we ranked fourth globally for reduced inequality, sixth in gender equality, 36th in quality education and 22nd in life on the land.

TME Charles Sturt Ranked 61st

To view the rankings for each goal assessed in more detail head to the Times Higher Education Ranksings website

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2019 Christmas eCards

CSU Green has designed and published another set of charming e-cards for the Charles Sturt community.

This year the focus is on threatened, vulnerable and endangered flora found across our university footprint from Albury-Wodonga up to Port Macquarie.

The objective of this annual series of cards is to raise awareness about our unique biodiversity and to celebrate the beauty of the selected species and the ecological communities within which they thrive.

Please share these unique designs with your work colleagues, external partners, friends and family. Thanks for your support in 2019 and season's greetings to all from the CSU Green team!

card group

$1 millionth CSU Green grant dollar awarded

21 OCTOBER 2019

The Charles Sturt Sustainability Research Seed Grants has received its millionth dollar of funding from the University and announced this year's four grant winners.

  • This year Charles Sturt invests one millionth dollar in the annual sustainability grant program
  • Program in its 10th year provided its latest four grant winners with up to $10,000 towards sustainability projects
  • The million-dollar milestone comes shortly after Charles Sturt’s formal commitment to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals

A Charles Sturt University (Charles Sturt) sustainability grants program in its 10 th year of operation has received its millionth dollar of funding from the University and announced this year’s four grant winners.

The Charles Sturt Sustainability Research Seed Grants, which is funded and managed by CSU Green, provides funds for the University’s staff to undertake environmental sustainability-related projects to further the University’s commitments towards sustainability.

Read the full story on the Charles Sturt News Page

Pictured (L-R) A/Prof. Donna Simpson and Dr Christopher Parkinson who are the lead researchers on the Mango Waste Project.

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Charles Sturt signatory to University Commitment to Sustainable Development Guidelines

The UN’s 17 SDG establish a global framework and agenda for the achievement of sustainable development priorities by 2030.  The SDG “aim to bring an end to extreme poverty, promote prosperity and well-being for all, protect the environment and address climate change, and encourage good governance and peace and security.”

Vice Chancellor, Andrew Vann, in signing the University Commitment to the SDGs stated:

"It is important for the future of the world that all universities play their part in achieving the Sustainable
Development Goals.
Hence, we, the undersigned University:
 recognise the enormous social, economic and environmental challenges facing the world;
 recognise that future development must take place in a way that is socially, economically and
environmentally sustainable;
 recognise that the Sustainable Development Goals establish an agenda for the achievement of
sustainable development by 2030; and
 stress the vitally important role that universities can play in achieving a sustainable future through
teaching, research and operations".

Sustainable Development Goals Icons

Solar panel expansion shines light on

Charles Sturt commitment to sustainability

10 APRIL 2019

Charles Sturt University has confirmed the universities commitment to sustainability through the release of the CSU

Sustainability Statement.   The statement outlines our commitment to incorporating sustainability into our practices as part of

our responsibility to the community and the environment.    The Sustainability Statement is a significant milestone in our

commitment to best practice in sustainability and adds to our list of achievements.

Read the full media release here

Read the Sustainability Statement Image of Sustainability Statement

Environmental Sustainability grants for community groups now funded through CSU Green

CSU Green is excited to support new Environmental Sustainability grants through the universities Community University Partnership or "CUP" grants program opening Monday March 11 2019.

"These grants are available to community groups, working in the footprints of the six main Charles Sturt University campus areas"  said CSU Green manager Ed Maher "CSU and CSU green recognises and is thrilled to support the important work and contribution local groups make towards environmental sustainability in our regions"

Grants of up to $2,000 per group (funding pool of $10,000 for environmental sustainability grants) will be open for applications from eligible groups until April 7 2019.

For more information and how to apply for these grants please see the Community University Partnership page and select the Environmental Sustainability theme.

Read the full media release on the entire CUP grants program

CSU Green Manager Ed Maher recognised in State Award

CSU Green manager Ed Maher was jointly awarded the 2018 Sustainability Champion Award for his work delivering environmental programs that led to CSU becoming Australia's first certified carbon neutral university.

The CSU programs included the roll-out at CSU of one of Australia’s largest roof top solar systems, and a ‘War on Waste’ campaign that more than halved the number of disposable coffee cups used across on-campus cafes and has been rolled-out to cafes elsewhere.

Ed said receiving the award was a great honour, particularly because the reputation of the award was synonymous for achieving good sustainable outcomes.  “The recognition reflects Charles Sturt University’s commitment to and importance placed on sustainability as being part of how it does business" he said.

The awards have been held since 2012, so they come with a level of prestige and recognition among business, industry, not-for-profit and government sectors. The Green Globes are awarded by the NSW Office of Heritage and Environment at a ceremony held in Sydney on the 4th October 2018.

Among the other award winners was CSU alumna Ms Anika Molesworth who received the Young Sustainability Champion Award for her advocacy and promotion of sustainable agriculture and vibrant rural communities.

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CSU goes 'Straw No More'

Charles Sturt University (CSU) is going ‘Straw No More’ by abandoning the use of plastic straws at all its catering outlets from Monday 8 October.

CSU Food and Beverage manager Mr Brett Russell (pictured, with the 'last plastic straw') said, “Plastic straws are an issue in the environment, as they contribute to littering across our campuses and the wider community.

“They are particularly problematic if they enter waterways where they can cause significant harm to wildlife.

“Plastic straws are literally used for a few minutes before we throw them away, and every plastic straw ever made is still somewhere on our planet, so they are never really thrown ‘away’; there is no ‘away’.”

Mr Russell said CSU’s adoption of the Straw No More initiative follows the success of the University’s ‘War on Waste’ campaign to reduce the number of disposable coffee cups sold across its campus food outlets (CHEERS) by over 50 per cent since August 2017.
Read the full media release

Next Solar Installation Phase begins across CSU

Charles Sturt University (CSU) has begun the installation of solar panels that will provide the University with over 2,500 kW of renewable energy across its Albury, Bathurst, Dubbo and Orange campuses.

The installation will add to the existing 1700kW solar energy generation at CSU in Wagga Wagga; one of Australia’s largest solar rooftop projects on a single site. The original Stage 1 project partner, NSW company Todae Solar, was also successful in being awarded the second stage.

CSU Green manager Ed Maher said on-site renewable energy generation is a critical part of the University’s aspirations to source all of its energy needs from renewable sources.  “The University’s staff and students and the community welcomed the first phase, and the University is looking forward to providing its campuses at Dubbo, Albury, Orange and Bathurst with the significant benefits that this clean energy brings,” Mr Maher said, and added the project will create jobs for local firms.

This expansion provides nearly $6 million in savings over a conventional power plan so it brings triple bottom line benefits to the campuses and the University as a whole. Over 7,100 panels will cover over 50 buildings saving over 3,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions every year over the life of the project compared to emissions-intensive conventional energy.  The annual energy generated is equivalent to that used by around 580 family homes. Regional Australia benefits too with local clean energy jobs, reduced energy costs, a cleaner environment due to significant emission reductions, and a stronger grid.

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CSU student Awarded CO2 Australia Scholarship

CSU Emily Jones (Bachelor Agricultural Business Management) accepts the Regional Professionals Scholarship from CO2 Australia Project Officer Brad Holt (August 2018)

This is the first year that CO2 Australia has offered this scholarship, which aims to help Indigenous students create effective pathways between higher education and employment in regional areas. CSU Director of Advancement Sarah Ansell also presented a certificate of appreciation to Brad, who graciously accepted it on behalf of CO2 Australia. “We are pleased to partner with CSU to establish this scholarship, as we see it as a way to support prospective students from Indigenous backgrounds to access higher education opportunities and help young people to develop diverse, long-term careers in regional locations.” – James Bulinski, Managing Director at CO2 Australia and CSU Alumni

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