CSU celebrates NSW Bike Week

No matter where you are getting out on your bike is a great form of 'green' transport, wellness and enjoyment!  Why not take a study or work break and get out on your bike!

NSW Bike week runs from 22 - 29 September, with events happening at CSU campuses - our events page and CSU Green facebook page has more details.  Visit your local council website and search 'bike paths map' if you aren't familiar with bike trails in your area.

Why not take a selfie on our next ride (while stationary and safe!) and enter our #NSWbikeweekCSU photo competition.  Open to current students and staff (including online students).  Full entry details and terms and conditions

Entries close September 29

2018 CSU Green Research and Project Grants Now Open!

Do you have some great ideas for Sustainability projects across CSU?  CSU Green Project and Research grants are open until September 26, 2018.

Research grants are open to CSU research staff members who would like to bring sustainability to the forefront of research practice. Research Seed Grant funding is an opportunity for all CSU research staff to undertake sustainability-related projects across any discipline, to further the University's commitments toward sustainability. Funding pool of $40,000 with a maximum of $10,000 per project.

Sustainability project grants offer students and staff from all faculties, divisions and areas of study a great way to turn a sustainability idea into reality. Would you like to assist in improving CSU's sustainability performance to further our commitment toward sustainability?

Funding pool of $50,000 with a maximum of $15,000 per project.

Visit the CSU Green grants page for more information and application forms.

CSU releases 2017 Sustainability Scorecard

Charles Sturt University (CSU) has released the 2017 Sustainability Scorecard which details activities and achievements that contribute to CSU cementing its commitment to environmental sustainability and building upon being ‘Australia’s first Carbon Neutral University’.

Manager of CSU Green Mr Ed Maher said, “The 2017 Sustainability Scorecard highlights many exciting developments towards best practice in sustainability for Charles Sturt University.

“One of the most visible examples was the completion of our 1.77 megawatt solar installation at the University in Wagga Wagga, which remains one of Australia’s largest roof-mounted photovoltaic (PV) systems,” he said.
Read the media release

Download the scorecardSnapshot of 2017 CSU Green sustainability scorecard key achievements including War on Waste and staff and student participation.  Read more about CSU's efforts in the 2017 Sustainability Scorecard

Snapshot Video - CSU Green 2017 Sustainability Scorecard

CSU wins ‘Most Valuable Team Ribbon’ in 2018 University bioQuest

A team of scientists from the Charles Sturt University (CSU) including Associate Professor Dale Nimmo, Dr James Turner, Dr James Van Dyke, Dr Maggie Watson, Dr Damian Michael, ILWS PhD scholarship student Mr Harry Moore, and Ms Karen Retra have taken home the 'Most Valuable Team Ribbon' for their effort competing in the QuestaGame University BioQuest.

Participating with the support of CSU Green through a grass roots grant, the team recorded biodiversity highlights throughout the wetlands of CSU Albury-Wodonga recording sightings of a peregrine falcon, azure kingfishers, a wayward broad shelled turtle, a southern rainbow skink, and marbled geckos.

Read more about CSU's University bioQuest award

CSU wins national award for 'War On Waste'

Through a terrific partnership between CSU Green and the CHEERS team at nine of our on campus food and beverage outlets, CSU have won the Tertiary Access Group (TAG) 2018 national award for‘Best Commercial Retail Campaign’ for the ‘War on Waste Campaign’. Reducing the sale of disposable coffee cups by 38,816 from August 2017 to the end of 2017, the campaign is having a lasting impact on attitudes to waste and behaviour change at CSU.

Read more about CSU's (TAG) award win

Solar installation CSU Wagga Wagga

We are forward thinkers

The installation of solar photovoltaic panels across the rooftops of 17 buildings at CSU Wagga Wagga is now complete. This milestone continues to enhance CSU's reputation as leaders in sustainability. At 1.77 megawatts, CSU can now boast the largest single site rooftop renewable energy system in Australia and celebrate our proactive approach to the adoption of renewable energy.

Don't let your computer end up in landfill

At CSU, we take electronic waste (e-waste) disposal seriously. The CSU Computer Shop has an e-waste recycling program in place for old University IT assets. This program covers all campuses and recycles CSU-owned computers and accessories.About 99 per cent of materials that make up a computer are recyclable, so you can help the environment by turning your old device to create new, useful items.

To take advantage of the CSU Computer Shop e-waste recycling program, log an IT Service Desk request and complete the Asset Disposal Form [pdf 1mb]. Ensure a copy of the form is left with the goods for collection. See the Information Technology Equipment Disposal Policy for further details.

For more information on e-waste, view CSU Green's fact sheet [pdf 160kb]

CSU = Carbon Neutral

CSU is excited to be Australia's first official carbon neutral university.Certified as 'Carbon Neutral' against the National Carbon Offset Standard as part of the Australian Government's Carbon Neutral Program, we are once again demonstrating leadership in sustainability at CSU.

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