Get to know your Bins!

Did you know contaminating recycling means that often the whole bin ends up going to landfill?

By knowing "What goes where" we can increase the amount of resources we recover through the recycling systemImages of office waste

Action plan


Join the CSU War On Waste

  • bring your Keep Cup or reusable mug to CHEERS outlets and receive a discount on your hot beverage
  • use a reusable cloth bag at Charlie's Stores and help us say no to plastic bags at CSU
  • learn to sew at a sewing bee with our Boomerang Bag community partners - find them on Facebook in your area
  • ask for your food to be served with reusable crockery and cutlery
  • have your drinks without a plastic straw - ask for ice and no straw!
  • show us how you are joining the fight - upload a picture of your waste free efforts to the CSU Green Facebook page and don't forget the #CSUWarOnWaste
  • CSU is now single use plastic straw free!
  • Register with My eQuals to receive your university transcripts electronically and save paper!

What you can do?

  • use all recycling systems that are available to you (including toner cartridge and battery collection systems)
  • reduce your use of paper: only print when necessary and print double-sided when you can
  • bring your lunch in a reusable container and keep a reusable cup for your coffee purchases
  • use the free water hydration stations
  • take a look at these short film resources [doc 17kb]

Reduce waste and recycle at CSU

You can reduce waste on campus and in your office through CSU Green’s great recycling initiatives.

If you require a new or replacement bin, please contact your office administrator or raise a BEIMS request.

Reduce Event Waste


Could your student club, Residence or staff area reduce event waste such as disposable plates, cutlery, cups, balloons and decorations?

Our CSU Green events guide is a great help to planning a more sustainable event!

If you want support purchasing re-usable items to make an "events kit" on your campus please email CSU Green and tell us what you are planning to do.

New recycling available on Wagga campus

We have expanded the types of recycling collected on Wagga campus - batteries, printer cartridges and oral hygiene products can now be dropped off in the library (bldg 13), NaLSH (bldg 289) and dentistry precinct!

New recycling available - toner, battery and oral care product recycling

Oral Care Recycling InformationWagga 'Worm Hotels'

Five sites across Wagga campus now have installed 'worm hotels' to take organics from offices and residential buildings.  This project was funded through a CSU Green project grant in 2017.  Download instructions from the project team on how to install worm hotels on your campus or at home.  Please note if you are thinking about installing worm hotels across CSU campuses you must discuss this with facilities management (DFM) and CSU Green to ensure the system can be installed and maintained correctly.Worm Hotels Guide Guide picture

Worm Hotel Instructions

Worm Hotel Trouble Shooting Guide