Paying for SSAF

Most students are required to pay the Student Services and Amenities Fee (SSAF).

In 2020, the SSAF is $38 per 8 point subject, with a maximum annual fee amount capped at $304 per student.

Fees are indexed and may increase each calendar year.

You need to pay the SSAF if you are:

  • a Commonwealth Government supported student
  • a Fee Paying domestic student
  • an Associate Degree in Policing Practice student
  • an eligible onshore international student, including those studying at partner locations.
  • an eligible international student studying offshore online (not through an offshore partner institution).

The fee will not be invoiced to:

  • international students who commenced prior to 2013
  • an international offshore or online student studying at an offshore partner institution
  • Higher Degree Research students
  • students studying courses 2301UL and 8303UL
  • a student enrolled in a Non-Award program

Other students may become liable for the fee in future sessions.

Pay SSAF upfront

You'll receive a SSAF invoice each session if you’re eligible for the fee. Payments are due by the Census Date for the session the fee is invoiced for.

Pay SSAF online

Defer paying SSAF

If you're eligible you can defer the SSAF through SA-HELP. This is a Government loan scheme that allows you to defer all or part of their fee. If you wish to use SA-HELP, the amount deferred is added to your accumulated HELP debt.

Deferring your course fees through HECS or FEE-HELP does not automatically defer your SSAF.

Defer paying SSAF

Eligibility for SA-HELP

To be eligible for SA-HELP, you need to:

  • be an Australian citizen or hold a permanent humanitarian visa
  • be enrolled in a course of study
  • lodge a request for SA HELP assistance form by the Census Date.

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Missed paying or deferring by Census date?

If you have not paid or deferred your SSAF, you will receive reminder notices after the SSAF due date. The University may withhold grades or prevent you from re-enrolling in future sessions if you have outstanding SSAF invoices.

Changing enrolment before Census date

If you delete a subject prior to the relevant Census, you will not incur a SA-HELP debt.

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