COVID-19 and your exams

Last Updated

21 May 2020 at 2:26pm

Due to social distancing measures, end-of-session exams won't occur in the traditional way at examination centres.

All subjects will be updated to have:

  • an online exam-style assessment during the upcoming exam period, from Tuesday 9 June to Friday 19 June
  • a different style of assessment or an exam that is deferred until a later date.

Subjects will be updated for all students with exams in the upcoming exam period, including students studying:

  • any course in Session 1, 2020 (202030)
  • the Associate Degree in Policing Practice (ADPP) in ADPP Period 2 (202028) and ADPP Period 3 (202038)
  • the University Certificate in Workforce Essentials (UCWE) in Micro Session 2 (202032) and Micro Session 3 (202042).

Session 1 exam timetable updates

If you have some form of Session 1 exam-style assessment during the upcoming exam period, from Tuesday 9 June to Friday 19 June, you will receive an exam timetable on Wednesday 29 April. So that we can ensure the stable bandwidth for all students and schedule close to 30,000 online exams, exams may fall on a Saturday or after 5pm.

Exam timetable updates on Wednesday 29 April

The initial exam timetable release on Wednesday 29 April will be limited:

  • there will be minimal information on sitting your online exam
  • the duration won't be visible for submission window exams - check your subject sites to see how many days you will have to complete your exam
  • it will not have the extra technology allowance times for each exam type included.

As we get closer to the exam period, there will be more information available in the timetable on how to sit your online exams. We will email as your online exam timetable is updated.

For ADPP and UCWE students, your exams will not be updated in the offical exam timetable on Wednesday 29 April. Check the advice from your Subject Coordinators about how you'll sit your exams.

If you have a supplementary exam or additional exam (SX or AE) from a previous session, further details about where to access and submit your exam will be emailed to you in the coming weeks.

Subjects that still have an exam-style assessment

If you still have exams, your exam timetable will be released on Wednesday 29 April with the dates and times for your exams and the methods the exams will be conducted.

Your exams will be changed to one of four types:

  1. online take-home exam
  2. online exam
  3. online proctored exam
  4. online practical exam.

Exams will be time-limited, and online proctored exams will be moderated online by exam invigilators.

Technology time allowance

Due to this being the first time Charles Sturt students have had online exams, there will be technology time allowances given to most time-limited exams. If you receive technology time allowances, this will be added to your exam timetable in the coming weeks. The initial timetable release on Wednesday 29 April will not display these technology allowances.

Subjects that no longer have an exam-style assessment

Some of your subjects that previously had exams may not be included on your timetable as:

  • they have been changed to alternative assessments, such as an assignment or a take-home style exam that can be completed over several days or weeks
  • they have been deferred until a later date.

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