Online invigilated exam

An online invigilated exam is where your exam session is supervised by a Charles Sturt University staff member. Your exam session is also recorded and reviewed for any student misconduct.

You may have to update your Zoom app before you sit your exam. You can check for updates by clicking on your profile.

Why we need to invigilate exams

We've done our best to reduce the number of exams that require invigilation. However, we still need to invigilate some exams as this is a course accreditation requirement. It also allows us to ensure that all students are showing academic integrity during exams.

Exam types that can be invigilated

Online exam invigilation will be available for:

  • online exams
  • online practical exams

How your exam will be invigilated with Zoom

Only Charles Sturt students and staff will be able to join the online exam in Zoom, and only Charles Sturt staff that will conduct the invigilation will be present in the room.

You will still sit your exam at the same time scheduled for your original online invigilated exam. Though due to the online invigilation component of your exam in Zoom, we will start the invigilation component of your exam 45 minutes before your scheduled exam time. This will give the invigilators time to check your ID cards.

You can view your exam timetable to check your scheduled exam start time.

We’ve put together the steps for how you’ll sit your exam with Zoom.

How to access your Zoom link

Students will be broken up into groups of 20 for the Zoom invigilated exam. Each student will have an individual link to Zoom.

On the day of your exam, you’ll be able to access your Zoom link on the Online invigilated exams section within your Interact2 subject site.

You may need to check that your Zoom app is up-to-date. You can do this by signing into your Charles Sturt Zoom and clicking on your profile. You will see a menu option titled "Check for updates".

Technology time allowance

Technology time allowances will be given to most time-limited exams. If you receive technology time allowances, this will be added to your exam timetable in the coming weeks.

Writing notes in an invigilated exam

We have open and closed book invigilated exams. They allow students different access to resources and materials during the exam. Please refer to your Subject Outline and Interact2 site for more information about the type of invigilated exam you will be sitting.

Closed book exam:

You will be allowed to have a single blank A4 page in an invigilated exam to plan answers and work through questions. You'll use the page as a note or scribble pad.

At the start of the exam, you will need to show both sides of the paper on the webcam to prove that the page is blank.

Online open-book exam:

Online open-book exams focus on synthesis, analysis, and application, rather than memorisation. You will be allowed to have blank A4 paper and can refer to:

  • Study materials, including textbooks
  • Personal notes – online or on paper
  • Internet and online resources

Multiple browser tabs and monitors are allowed.

Online study support

The Online Study Team is here to support you throughout your online exams. You can access a range of online workshops to get familiar with online exams or get one-on-one support at online appointments.

Get online study support

Technical support for online exams

If you experience any technical issues, go to the technical support page.

Get technical support

Preparing for your online invigilated exam

Step 1

Check when your exam will be

Check when your online exam will be scheduled in your personal exam timetable and the start and end dates and times to sit your exam online.

Step 2

Check and update your contact details

Check your mobile phone and contact details are up-to-date. This will allow our support team to contact you should there be any technical disruptions on the day of your exam.

Step 3

Check your preparation instructions

Check your Interact2 subject sites with the instructions your subject coordinator will give to help you prepare for your exam.

Step 4

Check your computer or laptop in the Interact2 Test Centre

You'll need to make sure your system meets the requirements to use the Interact2 Test Centre.

You will need to sit your exam on a desktop computer or laptop. For system stability, we do not recommend using the Blackboard app or using a tablet, Chromeback or smartphone to sit your exam.

Step 5

Test your system in Interact2

In the week before your exam, you'll need to test your computer or laptop using the Interact2 Test Centre.

Take a practise exam: we recommend taking an Interact2 practise exam, which will be in your Interact2 subject sites for subjects with online exams.

Check your browser is supported: you can check that your browser is supported by Blackboard (that system that powers Interact2) so that your exam will function properly.

Step 6

Get ready on the day

Part 1: Join your online exam room in Zoom

  1. Ensure that your computer setup has a microphone and webcam and that you have downloaded the Zoom app before the session. You can find out more about Zoom at Charles Sturt, including how to download the app and system requirements.
  2. Before you need to sign into your exam, make sure you also sign into the Charles Sturt Zoom with your student log-in details.
  3. Sign into your Zoom Room 45 minutes before the start of your exam so your invigilators have time to check your student IDs.

Part 2: Start your online exam in Interact2

  1. Open your Interact2 subject site and go to the Online exams page (in the left side navigation menu) 45 minutes before the start of your exam.
  2. Refresh the online exams page at the scheduled time of your exam.
  3. Scroll down the page until you find ‘click here for your [Subject] online exam’.
  4. Sit your exam in Interact2.

What you must bring to your online exam

  • Your Charles Sturt student card. If you have lost your student card, you can bring another form of photo ID.

What you can have in your online Zoom exam (closed book)

  • One desktop computer or laptop.
  • Working built-in or external webcam and microphone.
  • Have only one tab in one browser opened to sit your exam.
  • Have a small clear bottle of water with no stickers or labels.
  • Prepare a single blank A4 page to plan answers and work through questions. At the start of the exam, you will need to show both sides of the paper on the webcam to prove that the page is blank.
  • Prescribed materials specified by the Subject Coordinator. This may include calculators, textbooks / reference materials, dictionaries (printed and unmarked only).
  • Only use the chat function in Zoom to let your invigilator know if you’re having any technical problems or need to use the bathroom. Chat with other students will be disabled.

What to remove from your desk and exam room before your exam (closed book)

  • Computing devices other than the device used to sit your exam.
  • Unauthorised materials not specified by your Subject Coordinator (both electronic and hardcopy).
  • Any printed papers, notes or books on your desk where you'll sit our exam.
  • Try to remove any other printed papers, notes or books from your entire exam room so these are not flagged for potential breaches.
  • Mobile phones or other electronic communication devices (including smart glasses).
  • iPads, tablets and MP3 music/media devices.
  • Watches of any kind, including standard watches, smartwatches, hybrid watches and fitness trackers.
  • Cigarettes, food or drink (except for a small clear bottle of water).
  • Briefcases, bags, attaché cases, shopping bags, backpacks or similar.

How online invigilated exams work

  • How does the exam work in Interact2?

    The exam will be conducted in the Interact2 Test Centre, which is a standard testing tool that you are likely to have used in other subjects.

    You can go back and forth between questions in the exams, though do not use the back button in your internet browser.

    There is more information about how your exam will work in the Interact2 Test Centre on the exams page in your Interact2 subject site.

    There is also a practise exam in your Interact2 site for you to complete if you want try testing the platform. Please note: the practise exam is just set up for you to try out the technology, though it does not contain questions about the subject content.

  • How does my webcam work with an invigilated exam?

    Your webcam will be used to monitor your behaviours and surroundings during the exam.

  • Will I need any special equipment for an invigilated exam?

    You’ll need a webcam and microphone to connect to your exam. Check the exam instructions from your Interact2 subject site to see if you have any other special equipment requirements.

  • I don’t have a student ID card can I use another form of identification?

    You can use other photo government-issued identification, such as a passport or a drivers license.

  • Is there any financial support to purchase a webcam or microphone before an invigilated exam?

    Our Student Welfare and Finance Advisers can help you access financial support to buy a webcam or microphone for a proctored exam. You may be eligible for a Charles Sturt student loan or other financial support. Email to contact a Student Welfare and Finance Adviser.

    Find out about financial support

  • Do I need to sign into Zoom with my Charles Sturt login details?

    Yes. You need to use your student login details to log into Zoom (use the same username and password that you use to log into your Student Portal).

    Please practise this before your exam. Use your normal Zoom rooms for your online classes and when asked to log in, click ‘Sign in with SSO’ and type charlessturt. This will then redirect you to a page where you can type in your student login details.

  • What will happen if Zoom has a system failure?

    In the unlikely event that there is a major system failure, students will receive an SMS and an Announcement from the Interact2 subject site. If it is a system failure that cannot be quickly resolved the exam will be rescheduled.

    Please check your details in your Student Portal are up-to-date.

    If you have technical issues and cannot complete an exam, you will need to apply for Special Consideration to sit a Deferred Exam.

  • What happens when I finish the exam or if I finish the exam early?

    Do not leave the Zoom room until you submit your exam.

    Once you complete and submit your exam and have logged out of Interact2, let the supervisor know via chat and then leave the Zoom room.

  • Is the technology allowance added to the total exam time?

    Yes, the technology allowance and reading time will be added in addition to the scheduled exam time for all students.

    The student verification, including identity checks, will be completed in Zoom before the exam time commences.

    If the verification process takes longer than expected and you don’t start the exam until after the official start time, please don’t worry. The exam countdown timer won’t commence until you click on the button to commence the exam. You will then have the full exam time, including the technology allowance and reading time, to complete the exam.

    Please note that the exam will not be available until the scheduled start time. If you cannot view the exam as the clock ticks over to the start time, please try refreshing the ‘online proctored exam’ page in your Interact2 subject site.

  • Do we still have to use the Chrome browser?

    No, you can you use any browser that support Zoom and Interact2 (see steps 5 and 6 above).

    We do recommend Chrome, because if there are any technical issues it will be easier for the support team to work with you to resolve them.

  • Will the invigilator speak during the exam?

    Once the exam has commenced, the invigilator will not interrupt the exam at all. Students will be required to keep their microphones on, though should turn down their own computer volume so that they are not distracted by background noise.

    If you need to communicate with the invigilator during the exam, please use the chat feature in Zoom. The chat feature will be set-up so that students can only communicate with the invigilator. You will not be able to communicate with other students with the Chat feature.

    There will be a countdown timer in test centre so you will be able to monitor how much time you have remaining.

  • Can two people be in the same room, though have their backs to each other?

    Yes, this is permitted. When the invigilator is completing the identity check, please tell them that this is the case and confirm that you will not speak to the other person during the exam.

  • Will I be allowed to go to the bathroom?

    We strongly recommend that students go to the bathroom before the exam start time.

    If you do need to go to the bathroom during the exam, you need to send the invigilator a chat message in Zoom to let them know that you are going to the bathroom. You can also use the reactions button, located at the bottom of the zoom screen to help to get the invigilators attention.

    Please note that once the exam timer commences it cannot be paused, so your bathroom break will use up time available to complete your exam.

  • Do we see everyone else use during the exam?

    The invigilator needs to be able to see and hear all students for the duration of the exam.

    Though, you can certainly minimise the Zoom window to focus on your exam. You can also turn down your own computer volume so that you are not distracted by any background noise.

    If you need to communicate with the invigilator during the exam, please use the Chat feature in Zoom. The Chat will be set-up so that students can only communicate with the invigilator. You will not be able to communicate with other students through the Chat feature.

  • How will students be monitored for academic integrity?

    Students will be asked during the identity verification step (which is completed in a breakout room individually) to confirm that they will not access any unauthorised materials during the exam. Students will also need to show that their desk and web browsers are clear of unauthorised materials.

    This approach will involve honesty and integrity from all students. Students enrolled in the courses with invigilated exams are training for professions that command high ethical standards. Online exams are an opportunity for all students to develop and demonstrate these qualities.

  • How do I ensure I am not accused of cheating?

    Make sure you have a clear work station, a clear water bottle and remove papers from your desk.

    You are allowed to use the bathroom. Please just send a message to your invigilator in the chat when you go to the bathroom and return to your exam as quickly as possible.

  • Can I have paper to write notes on?

    You are allowed a blank piece of A4 paper to write notes during the exam.

  • Am I allowed to wear headphones?

    We would prefer that you don’t. Though if you do, please let the invigilator know when you enter a breakout room at the beginning of the exam.

  • Are we all starting at the same time?

    Yes. All students will start the exam at the scheduled start time and you will be broken up to to groups of 20 or less in Zoom rooms.

    Please enter the Zoom room at least 30 minutes before the exam commences for identification checks.

  • Are we being recorded?

    Yes, the meeting room will be recorded just like our lectures and tutorials. This will allow us to review recordings later.

  • Can I resit an exam?

    If you’d like to resit an exam, you’ll need to apply for special consideration. If special consideration is granted, deferred exams will take place after Session 3.

  • Can I appeal exam marks?

    Yes, though you have to request a review of grade for the whole subject. You can submit a review of grade online.

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