Create an academic progress plan

If you are an international student studying on a Charles Sturt Campus, contact your International Support person to make a plan. If you are studying at one of our partner institutions, you will need to contact your institution directly.  Find out who to contact.

How to create your plan

To create your plan, you will need to reflect on three things:

  • reasons that your progress has slowed
  • actions to address the challenges identified
  • resources you can access so you don't feel you are doing this alone


Identify the challenges holding you back

Everyone's situation is different and often complex. The progress plan lists the most common challenges students identify as getting in the way of successful study.

You will be asked to reflect on what might have hindered your progress and then shown some strategies to help you take control.


Create an action plan to face those challenges

Select from the actions you can take to overcome your challenges.

Choose a few strategies that you want to use to put your plan into action. Check the details under each action to see how we can support you.


Access help and support

Remember, you aren't alone! Reach out and access the free support services identified on your plan. Once your plan is set, you will be able to get in touch with the right people and resources to help you get back on track.

Where do I find my Academic Progress Plan?

Your plan is stored in your student portal so it's on hand where and when you need it.

Once you are done and submit your plan, it's up to you to be proactive and follow the steps you have mapped out in your plan.

Create an academic progress plan

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