IVT Support

Videoconferencing technology enables classes to be delivered to students located at other campuses.

Joining a videoconference

Videoconferencing teaching spaces will be unlocked before class unless other arrangements have been made. You will need to turn the videoconferencing equipment on (using the touch panel on the lectern) if switched off.

If the lecturer is using Bridgit, you'll need to turn the computer on and login using the details below:

  • Username: .\avstore
  • Password: avstore

Note - username and password must entered in lower case. The name of the computer must be selected in the Log Onto field - do not select CSUMain.

Technical Support

1.    Pick up the telephone handset located at the front of the videoconference teaching space

2.    Select the videoconference support option when prompted and provide:

  • The room number and building number
  • Your subject code;
  • Your lecturer's name; and
  • Detailed description of the problem.

Support that can be provided

There are support staff to assist you if there is a technical problem. They can support you over the phone or in person:

  • If the videoconference doesn't start;
  • There are problems after the videoconference has started; or
  • You're unsure of how to operate the videoconference system.

Response Times

It may take up to 3 minutes to get a response during support hours. 99% of incidents are resolved in 15 minutes during support hours.

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