My Virtual Meeting Room (VMR)

A Virtual Meeting Room (VMR) is an online space where multiple participants can join a video or audio call, share presentations and collaborate. All Charles Sturt University students are assigned their own personal VMR, which can be accessed at any time, from anywhere, on almost any kind of device.

IT Equipment Required

Computer (Mac or PC)

  • Web browser

Personal Device

  • Web browser
  • Mobile application
  • Teleconference (audio only)

Web Browser

Installed Software

Mobile Application


  • Dial 02 6933 7555, then enter the conference ID when prompted
  • No video required

Web based conferencing requires installation of an up-to-date browser. Google Chrome is recommended as it provides the highest degree of compatibility with the Pexip solution.

There are 2 aliases that allow you to access your VMR:

  1. Numeric id, enables you to enter your VMR via phone keypad. Your Numeric id is
  2. Your student login id e.g. USERNAME. Some clients require appended to the end of your id e.g. . This is required if using Skype, Pexip Desktop Client or Pexip Mobile App.
  • Reset my pin

    You can reset your pin by logging into the Student Portal. On your dashboard, look for the 'My virtual meeting room' card.

    Please note: pin numbers cannot be recovered. If you have forgotten your pin, please reset it.

    lock Login to the Student Portal

  • Accessing My Virtual Meeting Room via the Student Portal

    Go through the My Virtual Meeting Room widget on the Student Portal. Before you can enter your meeting room, initiate or email an invite for a meeting - you need to set your pin. Note: Pins cannot be retrieved. If you forget your pin, you will have to reset it.

  • Connect to My Virtual Meeting Room via a web browser
    1. Go to the CSU Conference portal
    2. Enter the conference ID
    3. Enter your name
    4. Select connect
    5. You will be asked to select your camera and microphone
    6. You will be asked to select your role host or guest:
      • If you are the meeting host, enter your conference PIN
      • Select join if you are a guest in the meeting

    If the host has not joined before the guest, then the guest will hear message. "Waiting for the conference host to join, if you are the conference host - please enter the conference pin number now"

  • Connect via telephone
    1. Dial (02) 69337 555
    2. You will be prompted to "Please enter the number you wish to connect to, followed by the hash (#) key". This is the conference number provided by the host
      • For example, your conference number is
    3. The system will try to connect you
    4. If the host has not joined you will hear "Please hold while I try to connect you, waiting for the conference host to join, if you are the conference host, please enter the conference pin number now"
      • If you are the host, now is time to enter your pin
    5. The conference will not connect all parties until the host joins.

    Call charges will apply.

  • Connect via Apple Device

    Students using iOS devices need to install Pexip Client App on iPhone or iPad. The Pexip Infinity Connect application can be found via the App Store. The Pexip Client for Desktop can be downloaded for Desktop users.

    1. Enter the address to call
      • For example, your conference address is
    2. Select your role, host or guest
      • If you select host, you will be prompted to enter your pin
    3. Select OK
  • Connect via Skype

    Upgrade to the latest version of Skype

    1. In order to add a Charles Sturt University VMR to your Skype contacts list, you must login using your Microsoft account credentials.
    2. Type in the Charles Sturt University VMR you wish to add to your contacts into the search field. Be sure to include the suffix and click Search Skype
      • For example, your Charles Sturt University VMR is
    3. When Skype finds the VMR, it will automatically send a contact request
    4. After a few minutes, the VMR status will update to online
    5. A popup from your taskbar will also notify you that Skype sees the Charles Sturt University VMR is online and ready to call
    6. Right click on the Charles Sturt University VMR in your contacts list and select Video Call

    Related Articles

  • Test a VMR

    A test VMR is available for any meeting participant who wishes to perform a test prior to joining a Charles Sturt University conference. This test VMR can be accessed using any common web-browser or by entering into the Pexip Infinity Connect mobile app, Pexip Infinity desktop client or by adding it as a Skype contact.

    Due to security restrictions, it is not possible enable participants to join the Test VMR without a PIN. However, if you receive a message advising that the system is waiting for the host to join, you have successfully joined the Test VMR as a guest. You can test your:

    1. Access to the VMR
    2. Sound quality
    3. Video quality

    Testing via a web browser

    After connecting to the test VMR in a web-browser, you will need to perform the following actions.

    1. Allow the browser to use and share your webcam and microphone
      • We recommend the use of a headset for the best audio quality
    2. Click the Start/Connect button to place a video/audio into the VMR
      • Your will hear "Waiting for the host to join. If you are the conference host, please enter your pin number now"

    Internet Explorer is only supported on Windows 7 devices, and requires installation of an additional plugin, Adobe Flash, in order to access a Charles Sturt University VMR. The Division of Information Technology (DIT) recommends Google Chrome as the preferred browser for all participants wishing to join a Charles Sturt University conference over the internet.

  • Known browser issues

    Connecting to a video conference meeting via a web browser is a significant component of the video conference system utilised by Charles Sturt University. The connection utilises the WebRTC protocol to connect. This protocol is supported by several common browsers without the need for additional software.

    Currently, the browsers supported for use with the video conference system include:

    • Google Chrome version 61 and later
    • Mozilla Firefox version 60 ESR and later
    • Microsoft Edge version 41 and later
    • Apple Safari version 11.1 and later on MacOS

    Important: Internet Explorer is not supported for any computer running Windows 10. DIT recommend use of Google Chrome with the conferencing system.

  • Troubleshooting

    When experiencing connection issues, please consult the following Pexip User Guides

    Important: Note that Internet Explorer requires installation of Adobe Flash

  • Glossary
    • VMR - Virtual Meeting Room
    • Pexip - Pexip Infinity Connect is the preferred application for iOS and Android devices for video conferencing
    • Skype – Microsoft free internet based software application that allows you can make video and audio calls, exchange chat messages

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